Save or Shave: Public to decide fate of Goodhue's signature mullet

by staff

Crusasders star Jack Goodhue has left the fate of his signature mullet to the public.

Goodhue announced this week that he has teamed up with Kiwi charity Bald Angels and launched a fundraising campaign called the "Summer of the Mullet".

Bald Angels Charitable Trust is an organisation that works to help needy families in New Zealand's Northland region and as part of this campaign, they are encouraging locals to grow their locks into glorious, flowing mullets too.

The centre is encouraging people to donate to the cause and anyone who donates will have the option to vote on whether Goodhue should "save" or "shave" the mullet.

"I wanted to do something special for the kids of Northland that need a bit of direction and hope," Goodhue said.

"Unfortunately in Northland some kids don't have positive role models to help them."

The campaign will culminate in a February 11 event where the votes on the future of Goodhue's mop will be revealed.

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