QRU chairman urges states and RA to band together

Super Rugby
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by Beth Newman

QRU chairman Jeff Miller has urged Rugby Australia and its states to work together to appoint new members, and a new chairman, to the national board.

In a statement released by the QRU on Tuesday, Miller said the upcoming period was one in which all groups in rugby would need to unite.

“The QRU is particularly conscious that Rugby’s current broadcast negotiation is critical for the ongoing success and vitality of the whole code in Australia," he said in the statement.

“This is a time where all of Australian Rugby needs to pull together to achieve the best outcome.

“To that end, the QRU and RA - along with the other Australian Super Rugby franchises - are currently engaged in a process through RA’s Nominations Committee to identify suitable candidates to fill future roles on the RA Board.

“The QRU will continue to support this process as the work of the RA nominations committee progresses.”

The comments come after unfounded speculation that Rugby AU CEO Raelene Castle's future was set to be put on the agenda of Monday's final 2019 board meeting. 

The statement also follows a report earlier this week that former CEO John O'Neill was being courted for the chairmanship, on the condition that he would be able to appoint an entirely new board, CEO and freeze board elections for the next four years.

That ability, though, would only come about from a complete revolution among the states, something that seems unlikely.