WATCH: Dream Big Time: A journey of connection

by Marty Cambridge

Run 40 metres in 5.2 seconds.

Sound easy? Now, try and hit that time barefoot on the red dirt in the shadows of Uluru.

That time is just .3 seconds short of the 4.9 seconds Australia’s Sevens players have to hit as full-time professionals.

For the athletes being put to the test in Rugby Australia's Dream Big Time program this season, making that benchmark could be a life-changing display of raw talent.

The Dream Big Time program is the first of it's kind. Photo: CambridgeThe tour travelled around Australia looking for Indigenous athletes that could potentially make their mark on the Olympic stage.

While looking for Sevens prospects might have been the tour's primary aim, in reality, it meant much more than that.

In every location, the group spent time in the local community, many of which had never really experienced rugby, and opened their eyes to the opportunities available in the sport.

Headed by former Australia Sevens Men’s assistant coach Jarred Hodges, the program spent over two weeks travelling through regional NSW, SA and the NT and then went on further talent identification trips up the east coast and throughout regional Queensland.

The first camp with selected players will be held later this month with plans to continue to take the program around Australia in the future.

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