No sanctions for Beale over leaked videos

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by Beth Newman

Rugby Australia will not sanction Kurtley Beale over his involvement in two recently leaked videos after the Wallabies star met with the integrity unit for a second time this week.

Beale has been featured in two videos that became public this week in which the utility back appeared to be around people taking an illicit substance.

In the latest video that emerged on Wednesday night, Beale was seen playing a vacuum cleaner as a didgideroo before the camera panned to a plate that appeared to contain a white powder. 

It followed the release earlier of a video earlier in the week filmed by NRL player Corey Norman that showed Beale laughing after an elderly man appeared to snort a white powder.

This second video is believed to have been filmed in late 2015.

Beale, who had phoned Rugby Australia boss Raelene Castle to apologise about the first video after it was released, returned from a trip to New Zealand to speak with the Rugby AU integrity unit about the second video.

Kurtley Beale shapes as critical for the Wallabies' Bledisloe Cup hopes. Photo: Getty ImagesCastle said in a statement that the organisation would not formally discipline Beale, despite "placing himself at significant risk" in the video.

“On Wednesday, Rugby Australia became aware of a second video featuring Kurtley Beale. Our understanding is that the video was recorded in late 2015," she said.

“As with the first video which surfaced on Monday and was recorded in 2016, Kurtley was not seen in the vision to be involved in the use of any illicit substances.

“Kurtley returned from a brief trip to New Zealand yesterday and has spoken with Rugby Australia’s Integrity Unit in relation to the second video.

“Following this conversation, Rugby Australia has determined not to proceed with any formal disciplinary action over Kurtley’s appearance in the videos."

While they won't be punishing Beale, Castle said in the statement that Beale had again apologised and his situation should be a cautionary tale for other players.

“These videos were recorded a number of years ago, and Kurtley has again stressed his regret at placing himself at significant risk and for the damage the videos have caused to the image of both himself and the sport.

“These videos serve as a warning to every professional Rugby player in Australia of the risks associated with placing themselves in compromising situations, particularly in environments where illicit drugs may be present."