Aon Uni 7s: Griffith tournament hat-trick seals 2018 series title

Uni 7s
by Montanna Clare

Griffith Uni have been crowned the 2018 Aon Uni 7s series champions after their third straight win in Adelaide. 

Griffith battled it out with 2017 champions UQ in the gold medal match, to defeat their fellow Queenslanders by seven points. 

Tournament hosts Uni of Adelaide played their best footy yet as they finished up fourth to Sydney Uni who took out the Bronze. 

The finals were some of the closest matches all year with only a matter of points deciding the matches and the series ladder.

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Griffith have not only won their first Aon Uni 7s series title but they have gone back to back again to take out their third straight win.

Griffith may have won the series, but they played like they had everything on the line in the Gold medal match against UQ.

Griffith held the lead at half time, but a yellow card to Griffith’s Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea gave UQ an opportunity to snatch back a chance at the gold.

UQ fought hard to keep fellow Queenslanders at bay but Griffith were unstoppable in their final match of the 2018 series, the final score 26 – 19.


Gold Medal match

Griffith 26 vs UQ 19  


In a sensational Bronze medal match, the Uni of Adelaide and Sydney Uni battled it out in a replay of their round five matchup that decided who would take out the top spot in Pool B.

The Romas topped out Pool B but Sydney Uni narrowly nabbed the win from the enthusiastic home side.

The Romas incredible efforts at their home tournament earned them their highest place yet and pushed them ahead by two spots on the overall series ladder to fifth.

Macquarie Uni had difficult run through their Pool stages where they last met up with UTas in round two.

Despite a double from UTas’ Kiki Morgan, Macquarie were able to clinch the win and fifth place, the final score 19 – 24.

Bond Uni and UNE last met up in round two in Pool A, when UNE claimed their first win of day one over Bond.

In a complete reversal, UNE were left trailing behind by three points as Bond snagged the seventh-place win.

Despite Bond’s win, UNE will still out rank the Gold Coast side in the final series standings.

UC and Uni of Melbourne were both winless coming into the ninth-place playoff, with UC remaining try-less throughout the entire Pool stage.

UC scored their first points of the tournament against Uni of Melbourne who were able to score twice.

Ultimately, UC beat Uni of Melbourne to ninth place, their second of the 2018 series, while Melbourne took out the wooden spoon for the fifth time.Bond held on to defeat UNE and claim seventh place. Photo: Rugby AU/Karen Watson.


Bronze Medal match

Sydney Uni 14 vs Uni of Adelaide 10

Fifth-place playoff

UTas 19 vs Macquarie Uni 24

Seventh-place playoff

UNE 7 vs Bond Uni 10

Ninth-place playoff

UC 31 vs Uni of Melbourne 10

1:00 pm - SEMI FINALS 

Usual suspects Griffith and UQ are on their way to the Grand-final but the Bronze medal match could see home side Adelaide in their first podium finish.

UTas came into their semi-final match up against UNE having only won one match in Pool B.

Just two points and Eilidh Sinclair’s perfect conversion rate were the difference that won UTas a spot in the fifth-place final against Macquarie Uni.

Macquarie Uni showed a dominant display against Bond Uni in their semi-final, despite having a tough slog in their Pool B matchups.

The Rays put 21 points on Bond before they scored their first and only try of the match, the final score 33 – 5.

UNE and Bond Uni will now meet up in the seventh place final but whatever the outcome of the match, UNE will still remain in front of Bond on the overall series ladder.

In a gold medal match replay of the Gold Coast leg, Silver medallist Sydney Uni took on the defending champions Griffith.

Charlotte Kennington and Alana Elisaia scored doubles for Griffith in the first half, while Sydney Uni Captain Olivia White scored her teams only points, the final score 39 – 5.

UQ took on the home side in a neck-in-neck semi-final match up that would decide who would face Griffith in the grand-final.

A yellow card to the Uni of Adelaide with just three minutes to go was the turning point for UQ who held a two-point lead.

UQ claimed victory over the home side as they were able to sneak the match winner past the home side that were a person down.

Sydney Uni and Uni of Adelaide battle it out for the bronze, while Griffith and UQ will play for the gold.


Minor Semi-finals

UNE 19 vs UTas 21

Macquarie 33 vs Bond Uni 5

Major Semi-finals

Griffith 39 vs Sydney Uni 5

Uni of Adelaide 10 vs UQ 17

11:00 am - Round FIVE

The Uni of Adelaide are undefeated after their 14-5 victory over Sydney Uni. Photo: Rugby AU/Karen Watson.Round five opened up with Queensland heavy weights Griffith and UQ leaving their opponents try – less and ended with the Uni of Adelaide remaining undefeated for the first time ever.

Bond Uni took on UQ in the first match of round five and were unable to crack the fellow Queenslanders defence.

UQ Vice-Captain Mackenzie Sadler scored a double for her side, the final score 0 -26.

In the last match of Pool A UC were left try-less for the fourth time in Adelaide when they came up against Griffith Uni.

UC has now finished at the bottom of the Pool A ladder, there lowest finish to date this series and will face off with Melbourne for ninth place.

Uni of Melbourne and UTas fought it out for fourth in Pool A, with UTas ahead by just two points at half time.

Lauren Cooper scored a double for the Tasmanian side as they secured their first and only win of the tournament, the final score 5 – 19.

In the last match of Pool A, the Uni of Adelaide took on Sydney Uni in a thrilling top of ladder decider.

The home side had just a seven point lead a half time, an edged out Sydney Uni for the win, as they went undefeated and claimed the top position in Pool B.

No matter where they finish now, the Uni of Adelaide have already surpassed their best placing yet, but will take on UQ for a chance at the big dance.

Griffith is now firmly atop of Pool A, and will come up against Sydney Uni  in a gold-medal match replay of the Gold Coast tournament.Griffith have gone undefeated again through their Pool stages and will face Sydney Uni in the semi finals. Photo: Rugby AU/Karen Watson.


Pool A

Bond Uni 0 vs UQ 26

Griffith 26 vs University of Canberra 0

Pool B

Melbourne Uni 5 vs University of Tasmania 19

University of Adelaide 14 vs Sydney Uni 5 



Griffith University

University of Canberra

Bond Uni




University of Tasmania

University of Adelaide

Macquarie University

University of Sydney

University of Melbourne

Sydney Uni

IN: Claudia McLaren, Jordan Parsonage, Kirrily Laws, Anneliese Hughes, Emma Wade

OUT: Matilda Vaughan Fowler, Iliseva Batibasaga, Kim Davey, Ash Quinlan, Olivia Patterson 

Olivia White (c)

Barbara Waddell

Chantelle Miell

Claudia McLaren

Jordan Parsonage

Tiarne Cavanagh

Kirrily Laws

Freya Clayhills

Sydney Gregson

Jakiya Whitfeld

Anneliese Hughes

Emma Wade

Macquarie Uni

IN: Katie Harrison, Renae Jolly, Brydie Parker

OUT: Sariah Paki, Madison Ashby, Tatum Bird

Emily Chancellor (CC)

Maddison Anderson (CC)

Olivia Brooks

Kennedy Cherrington

Sarah Halvorsen

Katie Harrison

Arabella McKenzie

Layne Morgan

Mia Wood

Montana Walters

Renae Jolly

Brydie Parker


IN: Lori Cramer, Terri-Anne Egan

OUT: Gemma Hauck, Katie Muscat (13th)

Marioulla Belessis (vice-captain)

Shenae Ciesiolka

Lori Cramer

Terri-Anne Egan

Georgia Hannaway

Samantha Hopkin

Jannicke lJdens (captain)

Grace Kaihau

Pleuni Kievit

Hagiga (Haj) Mosby

Mackenzie Sadler (vice-captain)

Bodil Van Wijnbergen

Katie Muscat – 13th player

Bond Uni

IN: Kaitlin Shave, Stephanie Rutherford

OUT: Kathy Baker, Eve Higgins

Millie Boyle

Georgia Page

Gabrielle Senft

Sophie Holyman

Trinity Mamoe

Jessika Elliston ©

Kaitlin Shave

Tarni Peep

Madison Schuck

Stephanie Rutherford

Gemma Walker

Taylor Fenton

University of Melbourne

IN: Jordan Holloway-Clarke, Jessica Roberts, Danielle Crosswell, Emma Strom

OUT: Amelia Ansell, Lydia Quedley Tuna, Sophia Power

Casey Homewood

Tangata Tupou

Sophie McDonald

Tamara Whiteside

Annie Buntine

Reni Hicks

Amy Williams

Madeline Seeley

Jordan Holloway-Clarke

Jessica Roberts

Halley Derera

Danielle Crosswell

Emma Strom

Griffith University

IN: Rhiannon Blair-Revell

OUT: Eloise Schlect, 

Kirby Sefo

Kiri Lingman

Laura Waldie

Kahli Henwood

Ivania Wong

Charlotte Kennington

Rhiannon Blair-Revell

Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea

Georgia Devlin

Alana Elisaia

Sophie Quirk

Eliza Flynn


Lilly-ann Mason-Spice

Phoebe McLoughlin

Ella Goldsmith

Bobbi Law

Tahlia Goldsmith

Rhiannon Byers

Katrina “Cheech” Barker

Miah O’Sullivan

Maya Stewart

Britney Duff

Lauren Nott

Leah Wilson

University of Canberra

IN: Samantha Wood, Georgia O'Neill, Kiara Meredith-Brown, Darcy Read, Ema Masi, Skye Churchill

OUT: Jess Howard, Paremo Marsh, Ngawai Eyles, Regan Hart, Breanna Toze, Tayla Stanford

Samantha Wood

Michaela Leonard

Georgia ONiell

Jane Garraway

Kiara Meredith-Brown

Claudia Obst

Darcy Read

Ema Masi

Tania Afamasaga

Kirra Burke

Skye Churchill

Shelley Bradshaw   

University of Adelaide

IN: Rebekah Jones

OUT: Alice Priestley

Lauren Meyer

Olivia Bernadel-Huey

Lauren Potter ©

Alice Gregory

Taj Heald

Brianna Nathan

Mahalia Murphy

Kelly Rowe

Lauren Kildare

Rebekah Jones

Zakiya Kereopa

Eva Karpani

Zara Lee

University of Tasmania


Meesa Albert

Michaelyne arumbi

Wynonah Conway

Samantha harris

Lauryn Cooper

Rebecca Hyland

Kiki Morgan

Sydnee Watanabe

Caitlin Ryan

Eilidh Sinclair

Georgia Stewart

Georgia Sayers