Tui considering break from rugby after an altercation with angry Australian fan

The Rugby Championship
by Sam Phillips

An emotional Lukhan Tui has told Wallabies teammates he wants to take the remainder of the year off after the sudden death of his stepfather on Wednesday preceded an altercation with an Australian fan.

Tui was involved in an scuffle with an irate Australian fan after the 23-19 loss to Argentina but more detail regarding the incident came to light post-match.

After a heart wrenching week for the Tui family coach Michael Cheika said the man involved in the scuffle knocked one of Tui’s younger sisters over.

It was at that point the scuffle broke out.

“It’s one thing being upset with a team but I think what went down there was the supporter pushed Lukhan’s sister,” Cheika said.

“Obviously that family has had a very big week and I don’t think it’s appropriate that happened.

“I get the discontent and you own that.

“Words, abuse, it comes sometimes and you have to suck it up when you don’t play well.

“He pushed the younger sister and Lukhan didn’t like that and that’s fair enough considering everything that has happened to him this week.”

After the incident Tui told teammates he does not wish to play rugby for the remainder of the year.

The Wallabies also wore black armbands in memory of Tui's stepfather.

“It got to the point where the player just said in the dressing room he’s not going to be playing anymore - because of that incident,” Cheika said.

“So I hope the fan is happy.”

Wallabies skipper David Pocock also weighed in on the fan's anger.

"As a player you are wanting to put out a performance that makes people proud," Pocock said.

"He's obviously not happy.

"We've got to cop that.

"I'm not sure exactly what happened but the reality is after a performance like that... you are not going to win every Test but when you lose because you haven't turned up and played in the way you are capable of.

"That's when it hurts."

It’s understood police have recorded the details of two men and CCTV of the incident is now with stadium staff.

Rugby Australia are also investigating the incident.