Aussie men through to Cup final

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by Beth Newman

The Aussie Sevens men believe they can win and it's a mentality James Stannard says is starting to show. 

Australia will play in the Sydney 7s Cup final against South Africa, after beating Argentina 28-0 and Stannard said their success in this tournament was down to a switch in mental state.

"I think it's just the belief of us that we can do it," he said.

"In previous tournaments, I think we've wanted to go out and win but I don't think we believed we could do it.

"I think the last prep we've really trained hard and put ourselves past that pain barrier and we're prepared for anything out there now.

"I guess we've just had enough of coming second or losing. There's a stage where you've just got to flick it and go 'f***it, we want to win'."

The Aussies have not won a Cup final since Tokyo in 2012 and last played in a final in Las Vegas 2016, but they will have a second chance in three Sydney tournaments to take home the title.

An Argentinian yellow card put Australia one man up and Lewis Holland made the most of the advantage, with a try in the second minute.

Holland set up another opportunity for Australia, clinching a crucial turnover, putting Australia right in their attacking zone after John Porch put it on the toe.Ben O'Donnell was through with one minute left in the half, breaking into space after being on the end of a chain of passes, giving Australia the upperhand.

it was rinse and repeat in the second half, with an Argentinian yellow card, this time for Franco Sabato, and Holland was over almost immediately, though this time with more freedom.

Once again for the Aussies it was their defence that proved critical and a final O'Donnell try with the youngster slipping out of Argentina's reach for the match sealer.

Ben O'Donnell had a double for Australia. Photo: WalmsleyAustralia will play in the Cup final against South Africa at 8:48pm AEDT, while Argentina will play the USA for third spot.

That title decider will be Stannard's last tilt at a home tournament title, but the playmaker said he didn't see it as a final stand.

"It'd be great to win a tournament, regardless if it's my last or first or second," he said.

"We go out to win and when we win it'll be special but there's still more tournaments to win this year, so I want to win a lot more than just this."

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Australia 28

Tries: Holland 2, O'Donnell 2

Cons: Stannard 4

Argentina 0

Yellow cards: Mare (2'), Sabato (8')