Clyne responds to Senate report

Super Rugby
by Sam Phillips

Rugby Australia chairman Cameron Clyne has responded to the Senate report, explaining the rationale behind the inability to release information relating to the sale of the Melbourne Rebels.

The Senate report, which was handed down Wednesday, featured eight recommendations.

The most notable of those recommendations was a suggestion that ASIC should investigate the Rugby AU-Melbourne Rebels transactions, with prominent Rugby AU figures refusing to speak about said transactions throughout the inquiry, citing confidentiality agreements.

That caught the eye of several Force fans but in a statement released Monday afternoon, Clyne said Rugby AU had expressed its regret in not being able to release particular information, due to legal proceedings.

Rugby AU chairman Cameron Clyne has issued a response to the Senate report. Photo: Getty Images"We note the recommendations in the report, and thank the Committee for the opportunity to participate in the inquiry," Clyne said.

"Rugby Australia has repeatedly expressed its regret that it could not release certain information during the process while it was subject to legal proceedings.

"It was also required to respect confidentiality obligations in its agreements with RugbyWA and the Melbourne Rebels."

Clyne also said the rationale behind the decision to cull the Force was publicly available.

"With respect to the above limitations, the rationale behind the decision was addressed when Rugby Australia released a statement and supporting documentation following the decision of the NSW Supreme Court on September 5, 2017.

"These documents remain publicly accessible on the Rugby Australia website.Clyne expressed sympathy for Force fans. Photo: Getty Images"The rationale was further addressed in Rugby Australia’s extensive testimony before the Committee, which too is publicly available."

Clyne also expressed sympathy for the ordeal all Force players, staff and fans have endured in 2017.

"We sympathise with all Western Force fans, and appreciate the impact that this lengthy process and the final decision has had on Western Force players and staff members," he said.

"All Western Australian rugby fans are understandably extremely disappointed with the outcome.

"We are pleased that a majority of the affected players have been contracted for the 2018 Super Rugby season and will remain in Australian rugby."