Wallabies must move on from Twickenham devastation

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by Beth Newman

There’s no time for the Wallabies to be aggrieved by any Twickenham injustice, as they look towards the final leg of their Spring Tour.

Though Australia has some right to be frustrated by the critical calls that went against them in the 30-6 loss to England, flyhalf Bernard Foley said a devastated group could only try and take a semblance of wisdom out of the defeat.

“There's a lot of devastation amongst the group but what we do now is...learn how to win in all conditions,” he said.

“We learn how to win away from home and in cauldrons like this (Twickenham), when you come up against great sides who play consistent way, we have to find a way to win.

“At the end of the day we can't make excuses.

“We were in the contest, we were in the fight there and we probably had the momentum at the 65th minute, 70th minute there, so to allow that to swing back was disappointing.”

Foley threw the second last pass on the way to Marika Koroibete’s 70th-minute disallowed try, a decision that sapped the Wallabies of momenutm, with England going on to pile on three tries in the final 10 minutes, a turn of events as frustrating as any as the scoreline blew out to a record margin.

“(That was) probably us pausing for a little bit and not reacting, or not winning those big moments when they arose," he said.

"(That's) the biggest disappointing thing that we'll probably reflect on.

“They reviewed it (the Koroibete try), they looked at all the angles, all the cameras, so you've got to back the referees and whatever decision they come up with.

“For us, you can't reflect on it on the field, you've just got to move on with it and deal with it and that's when I suppose we were in the game and then not reacting quick enough or not winning the next couple of moments after that was probably what let us down.”

That the score finished 30-6 was more than unflattering for the Wallabies, but Foley wasn't up for hypothesising about that.

“They're a good side and they took their opportunities, especially late there and they ran away with it," he said.

“We can speculate about scoreline but at the end of the day, it is what it is and that's probably for us to look back on and be disappointed with.”

The Wallabies won’t have another chance for revenge on England until November 25 2018, when they return to Twickenham on next year’s Spring Tour.

Australia flew to Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon ahead of their final match against Scotland.

Australia takes on Scotland on Saturday November 25, kicking off at 2:30pm local, Sunday 1:30am AEDT, LIVE on beIN Sports and SBS Viceland.