Uni 7s teams: Du Toit and Quirk return

Uni 7s
by Jill Scanlon

University of Queensland is set to make history in the final round of the inaugural Aon Uni 7s Series in trying to finish the four-tournament competition undefeated.

There are however seven other teams out to spoil that fairytale.

While it is unlikely that UQ will be pipped for the overall Series win, Bond University will be out to not only topple the reigning leaders but to secure the final tournament win at home.

The team lists are looking good with some welcome returns from injury for University of New England and Macquarie as Alicia Quirk and Dom Du Toit respectively, come back for the final hit-out.

But the hosts will have to head into battle without Wallaroo Millie Boyle who has been strong for them in the heat of the contest in the previous rounds.


University of Queensland

Lily Dick

Bri Rossato

Emilee Cherry

Georgia Hannaway

Bodil Van Wijnbergen

Marikki Watego

Emma Sykes

Erica Fowler

Grace Kaihau

Mackenzie Sadler

Kobe Nona

Jannicke Ijdens

Coach - Reg Tayler

UQ have dominated the first edition of the Uni 7s. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Karen Watson

Bond University

Georgie Page

Katie Heffernan

Stacey Flood

Claire Boles

Emily Bass

Brooke Walker

Charlotte Caslick

Trinity Mamoe

Jess Elliston

Bailey Marshall

Maddie Schuck

Steph Rutherford

Sophie Holyman

Coach – Ben Gollings

University of Tasmania

Eugenia Dennison

Sydnee Watanabe

Alice Robinson

Lauren Murty

Lauryn Cooper

Kiki Morgan

Shanice Parker

Eloise Struwe

Olivia White

Michaela Emblem

Nicole Beck

Lucy Featherstone

Coach - Luke Burgess

Macquarie University

Emily Chancellor

Katie Harrison

Tiarne Cavanagh

Dominique du Toit

Page McGregor

Reacene McGregor

Sarah Halvorsen

Chloe Dalton

Arabella McKenzie

Donnay Van Taak

Botille Vette-Welsh

Nita Maynard

Coach - Nathan McMahon

Youngster, Paige McGregor has flourished in the Uni 7s. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Karen Watson

University of Canberra

Sharni Williams

Darcy Read

Yasmin Meakes

Cassandra Staples

Sarah Carter

Sophie Quirk

Samantha Wood

Talei Wilson

Samantha Maxwell

Abby Gustaitis

Irene MacArthur

Ashley Kara

Coach - David Grimmond

Cassie Staples has been a standout for the University of Canberra. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Karen Watson

University of New England              

Langley Sesega

Hannah Southwell

Brydie Parker

Kennedy Cherrington

Frances Aleaki

Nat Crowe

Alicia Quirk

Rhiannon Byers

Emma Gillogly

Kearni Churchland

Mel Howard

Inge Visser

Coach – Dale Beattie

University of New England missed Alicia Quirk's experience in Brisbane. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Karen Watson

Griffith University

Eseta Aho Fangaloka

Phoebe Thomas

Nareta Marsters

Alysia Lefau Fakaosilea

Katie Brock

Sam Treherne

Lauren Brown

Laura Waldie

Ana Afuie

Katie Curtis

Alana Elisaia

Ivania Wong

Coach - Moana Virtue

Alysia Lefau Fakaosilea has been no stranger to the try line.  Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Karen Watson

University of Adelaide

Eva Karpani

Ellie Konopka

Mahalia Murphy

Tyler Birch

Rebekah Jones

Vani Pelite

Alice Gregory

Gemma Monaghan

Emma Pienaar

Lucy Northcott

Clair Alvino

Lauren Kildare

Coach - James O’Keefe