Wallaroos taking different tactics into Japan clash

Womens Rugby World Cup
by Sam Phillips

The Wallaroos have put the flogging at the hands of France firmly in the rearview mirror, preferring to focus on what shapes as a thrilling clash with Japan.

Assistant coach Scott Allen told RUGBY.com.au the coaches declined to show the team vision of the 48-0 loss, preferring to focus on a Japan side that led Ireland for 60 minutes.

"We took out the review and it was obviously a very disappointing result," Allen said.

"But we did a lot of good things, we just came up against a very good French side.

"The girls worked hard.

"Yeah, we made lots of mistakes, we did some things we didn't plan to do but a lot of that was the pressure France put, they went to another level.

"Our focus, we didn't even show the girls the game against France, we just showed them what we have to do against Japan."

The team was given a day off in the aftermath of their second match, with focus now turning to fine tuning the game plan.

Japan are an athletic, well drilled outfit that keep on coming and in many respects, they are similar to France.

Things didn't go to plan against France. Photo: Getty ImagesThe French didn't have the biggest forward pack but their backs were far more skilled and more precise in their attacking movements, proving too clinical for the Australians.

"Today was a big day, the girls had a day off so we got them back together today and showed them what we expect Japan to do," Allen said.

"We've come up with a slightly different game plan for them, which they seem to have reacted quite well to at training.

"So I think they will get back on the horse."

The Wallaroos take on France in Dublin on Friday, kicking off at 2am AEST, broadcast LIVE on FOX SPORTS.