Force seek ARU meeting, but not to plead case

Super Rugby
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by Beth Newman

The ongoing Super Rugby saga might just be one step closer to some kind of resolution, with RugbyWA seeking a meeting with the ARU.

While the Force maintained, in a statement on Friday night, that the ARU has no ability to cut them from the Super Rugby competition in 2018, under the alliance agreement signed last season.

This stance is not new, with the Force issuing an injunction just last week, after meeting with two of the ARU executive in Perth.

In that statement, they disputed 'recent media reports' that their Super Rugby fate rested in the result of a meeting where they would be required to present a business case to the ARU, as part of the governing body's decision-making process.

"RugbyWA’s position is clear," the statement read.

"Under current arrangements the Road Safety Western Force is entitled to participate in the Super Rugby competition until 30 December 2020. 

"There is no basis on which the ARU can purport to remove the Western Force from the Super Rugby competition. The ARU must work to ensure that the Western Force remains based in Perth for many seasons to come."  

"Put simply, RugbyWA is not required to ‘state a business (or any) case’ for the Western Force to remain in the Super Rugby competition."

Despite their adamance that they cannot be cut, the Force have sought a meeting with the ARU next Thursday 'to progress discussions as to how it might assist the ARU'.