CEOs vow to stay silent amid Super Rugby limbo

Super Rugby
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by Beth Newman

Australia’s Super Rugby CEOs are keeping their mouths shut about Super Rugby’s future, as the limbo continues on.

A day after Brumbies CEO Michael Thomson was quoted in a story about a possible Rebels-Brumbies merger, the Waratahs issued a statement on behalf of Australia’s chiefs, stressing a decision to ‘respect SANZAAR and the ARU” by maintaining silence on the format.

“The CEOs of the five Australian Super Rugby teams will respect the request from SANZAAR and the ARU not to comment on the ongoing discussions in relation the future of Super Rugby competition, the statement read.

“Given that so many people’s livelihoods could potentially be at stake, the CEOs are respecting the ongoing process that SANZAAR are going through and that speculation of a future format does not help any team.

“The focus now for all teams is the 2017 Super Rugby season, about winning games and delivering great events for all fans.

“No further comment will be made at this time.”

All franchise CEOs were involved in a phone hookup on Tuesday, but reportedly little came from that in terms of reassurance or otherwise when it came to Super Rugby’s future.

South Africa is believed to hold the key, with rumours circling about a 15-team competition hinging on whether they would be willing to cut two teams.

There is not expected to be a public decision until at least the end of the month.