Australia better with three Super Rugby teams: Jones

Super Rugby
by staff

England coach Eddie Jones says Australian rugby works better with three Super Rugby franchises.

Jones previously coached the Reds and the Brumbies in Super Rugby and told the time had come to return to a compact lineup.

SANZAAR has been reviewing the Super Rugby format, though a call has not yet been made as to the future of the competition from 2018.

The Force have been in the spotlight as a team under the pump, but the franchise has been vocal about its desire to remain in the competition, drumming up a groundswell of public support with a fan ownership campaign in recent weeks.

"The reason Australia wanted to have more than the three Super Rugby teams was to create extra depth so the immediate question that needs to be answered is have those two extra teams strengthened the Wallabies?,” Jones said to

"If they have then keep them. If they haven't then they've got to look at whether they should persevere with them or not.

With a number of big name players now playing overseas, Jones said Australia needed to be practical about its future.

"As a coach I don't get paid to work out the contracts but that's very much part of the equation.

"I've always said Australia is best to have the three teams and the best players playing with each other.

“That creates hot competition to get into Super Rugby and adds extra to everything that happens in Australian rugby.

“The Force and the Rebels have done some good things but I don't think it's added considerably to Australian rugby at the moment. They've got to really question whether they continue with them."