Jones stays Brumbies CEO for now

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by staff

Michael Jones will remain Brumbies CEO for the time being, after winning a court dispute on Thursday morning.

The ACT Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a temporary injunction to prevent Jones from being sacked.

Jones’s dispute with the Brumbies board began after an explosive radio interview last month, in which the Brumbies CEO said he knew of wrongdoing in the club

He said in the interview he was being targeted by people outside the club and applied for the injunction under whistle blower legislation.

The information in a KPMG report that Jones has claimed includes damning information remains suppressed.

The Brumbies board, which moved to stand Jones down originally, will face an extraordinary general meeting on Thursday night as Canberra local rugby presidents seek answers as to why Jones was sacked.

Under Thursday's judgement, the Brumbies board's ability to sack Jones, with five days' notice in writing, has been restored.