One Team 2011 Qantas Wallabies international season logo slogan

by staff

Australian Rugby Union officially launched the Qantas Wallabies 2011 international season slogan ONE TEAM 2011 today at ARU headquarters in Sydney.

Late last year ARU undertook to develop a call to arms and a logo that would unite the nation behind the Qantas Wallabies as they faced off against the world in 2011.

Today ARU revealed One Team 2011 and explained the meaning behind the new slogan:

Sometimes you only get One chance to be part of something special and 2011 offers that opportunity. This is no ordinary year. It’s a moment in time when all Australians can share the journey of ambitious young men on a campaign to win for their country the world’s most coveted Rugby trophy. It’s a call to arms for all Australians. The perfect union of pride and patriotism. A place for One and a place for all. Australians standing together as One to show the world that we’re all ONE TEAM 2011.

ARU Managing Director and CEO, John O’Neill AO, said the new One Team 2011 slogan is an encouragement for all Australians to unite as one behind our nation’s Rugby team – the Qantas Wallabies – as they embark in July on an exciting series of challenges for the season.

“This is no ordinary year, it is a huge year for Rugby and for the Qantas Wallabies. They will take on the All Blacks and the defending Rugby World Cup champions South Africa in the Tri Nations as a crucial element in their campaign to become the No.1 team in world Rugby,” Mr O’Neill said.

"That campaign will climax later in the year when the spotlight is on New Zealand for the world's biggest sporting event in 2011. By then we hope to have all Australians from all walks of life united behind our national team.

“Whether you’re a passionate Rugby fan, follow other codes or take just a passing interest in sport, 2011 gives you an opportunity to stand together as One Team as the Qantas Wallabies take on the world."

The Qantas Wallabies season opens with a Test against two-time Rugby World Cup quarter finalists Samoa at ANZ Stadium, Sydney, on Sunday 17 July.

One of the most highly-anticipated Tri Nations series on record will follow with the Qantas Wallabies having home Tests against the Springboks on 23 July at ANZ Stadium, Sydney, and the All Blacks on 27 August at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

New Zealand, Australia and South Africa nations currently fill the top three spots on the official International Rugby Board rankings.

Within the Tri Nations, the Qantas Wallabies will also be aiming to win back the Bledisloe Cup from New Zealand for the first time since 2002.

"So it's important with what lies ahead, especially later in the year, that we have a slogan for Australians to embrace and most importantly feel a part of as the Qantas Wallabies take on the world,” said Mr O'Neill.

The One Team 2011 name has the endorsement of Qantas Wallabies coach, Robbie Deans.

“Being One Team is something that is important to any sporting side if they want to succeed and it is something that we have worked hard at in recent times,” Deans said.

“When you’re playing the game at the highest level you can’t play as fifteen individuals, you need to act and operate as one unit, One Team, otherwise you won’t be successful.

“The new slogan is a reflection of what the Wallabies strive to stand for but it is also about giving all Australians a name they can relate to, take ownership of, and really feel a part of as the team campaigns through 2011.

"This group wants to perform for the nation; they need the support of the nation. The ultimate is to have us all standing together, united, as One Team. That is a force that would be more than powerful. It would be irresistible.”

Classic Wallabies Co-President and 1991 Rugby World Cup winner, Simon Poidevin, said the new slogan was a catchy and simple way to unite the nation behind the Qantas Wallabies.

“You can’t underestimate the importance of having strong supporters in such a big year and the One Team 2011 slogan is a great idea that will bring people together in support of the Wallabies,” Mr Poidevin said.

“When the Wallabies get on the field and are up against the best in the world they will be buoyed by the knowledge that the country that they represent is rallying behind them under the same slogan that they are running out on the field with – One Team.

“It is a fantastic slogan that people will be able to easily relate to, appreciate and adopt.

“In 2011 I am getting behind One Team – the Wallabies – and encourage the rest of Australia to do the same.”

A range of advertising and marketing around the new One Team 2011 slogan and logo will begin to appear across a range of mediums in the coming weeks in the lead up to the Wallabies Sunday afternoon Test match against Samoa on 17 July at ANZ Stadium Sydney.