Alana Thomas Embarks On A New Mission

by Loryn Ettridge

Alana Thomas has notched up a number of big achievements throughout her life, from wearing the green and gold jersey to coaching on the sidelines, she has become an unstoppable force.

Now, the Melbourne Rebels Super W Coach is on a mission to bring more women into the coaching tent as she believes the rewards are endless.

‘’It’s that love and fulfillment of helping others grasp opportunities and be the best they can be,’’ said Thomas.

She even admits it has changed her as a person.

‘’I’ve definitely gone from being a really intense person to being much more calm and knowing how to have a bit of fun and actually laugh.’’

Thomas made the switch to coaching in 2014 after wrapping up a decorated career as Cap 88 for the Wallaroos.

‘’Rugby was in my DNA. I didn’t want to leave the game as I was really fortunate to have some great experiences and great friendships within Australia and around the world, so I decided to take up coaching.’’

Thomas started out coaching Sevens Rugby with Rugby Victoria and soon after stepped onto the coaching pathway after attending a foundation course.

However it was a visit to see the current Wallaroos squad that reignited her passion for the game.

‘’That was when I thought I really want to be here. I want to coach at this level and felt a fire in my belly to want to challenge myself and see where I can take my coaching,’’ said Thomas.

After growing up seeing mostly males in the spotlight, Thomas is determined to show the next generation they be whoever they want to be – including a coach.

"Amy Perrett summed it up perfectly…if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.’’

And whilst Thomas had playing experience under her belt, she says anyone with the right attitude can become a coach at their local club. 

‘’Just do it. You will never regret getting involved. The one thing I love about Community Rugby is people will support you.’’

Those keen to hear more from Alana about the first steps to becoming a coach can register below Rugby AU’s webinar next Wednesday September 9 at 8:00pm AEST. 

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