Super W: Finals postponed due to coronavirus precautions

Super W
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by Beth Newman

The Super W playoffs have been postponed due to the threat of coronavirus.

Less than a day after Rugby Australia confirmed the playoffs would go ahead, Rugby AU CEO Raelene Castle said they had opted to push the matches back.

All Super W training will cease until May 2, in line with Rugby AU's community rugby suspension as well.

The playoff matches could be played on the weekend of May 23-24, before the Wallaroos season begins, Castle said.

"We have reviewed our initial plans to carry on the finals matches over the next two weekends and these matches will be postponed for player welfare reasons," she said.

"There is a window in late May where these matches could potentially take place and we will work towards staging those matches then prior to the Wallaroos campaign kicking off."

Castle said the call had been made because of the risk of cross-infection between the semi-professional Super W players and the professional Super Rugby players, who are continuing to train in the same facilities.

"It's the nature of the world we're working in, these things are happening," she said.

"I'm not joking - we've probably done 100 plans of which we're up to number 101.

"As every new piece of information comes out, ultimately where the professional side of the game being Super Rugby was co-training and training alongside the semi-professional side of the game, Super W, that's probably a risk that we didn't think was the right thing for either party so that's ultimately a decision we've made."