Super W: RugbyWA Women unveil new squad and old-school look

Super W
by staff

The re-branded RugbyWA Women side have unveiled their Super W squad for 2019, along with a retro-style west Aussie jersey.

Playing as the Western Force Women, the side came third in the inaugural 2018 season and have named a strong squad for the second instalment of the Super W competition.

Among a large number of players returning for 2019 are Wallaroos stars Mhicca Carter, Trilleen Pomare and Rebecca Clough. Clough has returned from playing professionally in England.

The Western Force women had a big win in Canberra. Photo: WalmsleyA batch of development players have also made their way through the ranks and will join the squad ahead of the competition’s start next month. The draw is yet to be finalised.

In a blow, teenage star Courtney Hodder has not been named in the squad, after she broke her leg over summer.

Jersey-wise, the RugbyWA Women are going to back to their roots by wearing the state’s traditional black and gold state colours.

“We’re looking really good I’m very happy where the girls are at especially with their skills and fitness, last year a big thing for us was the lack of depth we don’t have that issue now so things are looking good,” coach said in a statement.

“A lot of new faces joining the squad and the team is gelling really well, One main positive I’ve seen is the good spread of players from all the local clubs.”

“This squad is very different to last years, we are light years ahead in terms of our development it’s been a big focus to get thee girls ahead of the game really early.”

“Coming back from Christmas the team has just been on the ball I’m super happy with our position approaching the start of the competition.”

IN: Sera Ah-Sam, Herb Barb Malcom Heke, Sarah Gardner, Terehia Cooper, Claudia Foster, Kateraina Ahiphene, Turiti Galiki, Claudia Nielson, Taj Heald, Ariana Hira-Herangi, Caitlin Burt-Poloai, Chrystal Asiata, Crystal Walters, Brooke Mason, Natasha Haines, Macey Simpkins

OUT: Anne Fagan, Courtney Hodder, Kendra Fell, Madeline Putz, Natalia Tearoa, Pauline Dupressior, Alex Bannon, Antoinette Jago, Ariana Carnachan, Gillan Forde, Kate Alexander, Kristin Fairbairn, Neesha Barrett, Sophie Mcclure, Tai Marshall, Terau Pasene-Grennell, Vesinia Schaaf-Taufa

RugbyWA 2019 Squad


Sera Ah-Sam

Chrystal Asiata

Katie Barnes

Neesha Barrett

Caitlin Burt-Poloai

Rebecca Clough

Terehia Cooper

Sarah Gardner

Natasha Haines

Hera Barb Malcom Heke

Brooke Mason

Katherine Outred

Mercedes Putz

Tara Reed

Darryl Wickliffe


Kateraina Ahiphene

Mhicca Carter

Tui Cope

Claudia Foster

Turiti Galiki

Taj Heald

Ariana Hira-Herangi

Zakiya Kereopa

Claudia Nielson

Trilleen Pomare

Macey Simpkins

Huia Swannell

Zion Tauhima

Crystal Walters

Taylor Waterson