Aon Uni 7s: Macquarie Uni win maiden title in Canberra

Uni 7s
by Montanna Clare

The Macquarie Uni Rays have claimed their first Uni 7s title in Canberra after a win over Griffith Uni in the final.

This is the first time that a side other than UQ has won a Uni 7s title since the competition's inception in 2017.

Macquarie Uni is now on top of the leader board, ahead of UQ and Griffith Uni.

Here’s how the day unfolded. 

See how day one unfolded here.

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3:10 pm - Macquarie take out their maiden title 

Macquarie Uni has taken out the Canberra Uni 7s leg with a shutout 26-0 win over Griffith University in the gold medal match.

The Sydneysiders fell just short in Hobart but they took their opportunity second time around and became the first team outside of UQ to walk away with a Uni 7s gold medal since the competition began.

The Rays were given an opportunity to pile on the points when Wallaroo and key Griffith player Samantha Treherne landed herself in the sin bin and they made the most of it.

Montana Walters scored the first two tries in the gold medal match, helping her Rays side to 12 - 0 at half time.

The Rays had to knock out UQ in the semi-final and have proven they will continue to be a team to beat going into the third leg of the Aon Uni 7s at the Uni of Queensland in two weeks’ time.


Macquarie Uni 26
vs Griffith University 0 

2:35 pm - Minor placings

Bond Uni may have upended UQ’s undefeated streak in round five this morning, but it was the Brisbane uni that had the last laugh in the bronze medal match on Sunday.

The bronze game was the first that UQ had featured in after winning every other tournament on offer and they made sure they still took a medal in a 29 – 5 win.

UNE and UC were stuck in a 10 -10 stalemate from half time that continued throughout the second half of the fifth-place playoff before UC clinched a nailbiting victory after full-time.

Kasey Dragisic sealed the fifth-place win for the home side when she scored a runaway try in extra time against UNE.

A hat trick from Uni of Adelaide’s Alice Gregory wasn’t enough to edge out UTas, who took out seventh place by two points 22-20, in a near carbon copy of their pool match that Tasmania took out 24-22.

It was a battle of the newcomers as Sydney Uni took on Melbourne Uni for ninth place and it was Sydney who finished on a high.

Sydney Uni had a 21-point lead by half time and continued to pile on the points taking ninth-place 31-0.


Bronze medal match

University of Queensland 29 vs Bond University 5

Fifth place playoff

UNE 10 vs University of Canberra 15

Seventh place playoff

University of Adelaide 20 vs University of Tasmania 22

Ninth place playoff

University of Sydney 31 vs University of Melbourne 0

12:30 pm - Semi-finals

For the first time in Uni 7s history, UQ will not be in the Grand Final after the Macquarie Rays caused a massive upset in their semi-final match up.

The two sides last met up in the Tasmanian gold medal match, where the UQ left the Rays tryless but the Rays were straight off the bat to score with the defending champions immediately answering back a minute later.

The two sides wrestled for dominance in a thrilling neck in neck battle, but Emily Chancellor’s double for Macquarie Uni sealed her team’s path to the gold medal playoff.

Griffith have been undefeated in their Canberra campaign going into their semi-final against fellow Queenslanders Bond Uni.

Samantha Treherne scored a hat trick for Griffith which pushed her team into the gold medal match against Macquarie Uni.

Bond Uni caused an unexpected upset in round five when they beat UQ, and now the two sides will meet up for a second time in the bronze medal playoff.

Uni of Adelaide and UNE were evenly matched headed into the 5th place qualifying final, the two teams in a 12 -12 stalemate at half time.

Maya Stewart and Tahlia Goldsmith scored doubles for UNE making their way into the fifth place final against home side University of Canberra.

Home side UC played their first match of day two and quickly set the tone for UTas when Yasmine Meakes gave UC a convincing lead after she scored a runaway try straight up the middle and under the post.

UTas were left try less by UC 31 - 0 and will come up against the Uni of Adelaide for seventh place playoff. 

Macquarie on their way to the Grand Final after taking out UQ. Photo: Rugby AU/ Karen Watson.Results 


UNE 24 vs Uni of Adelaide 12

UTas 0 vs UC 31

Major semis

UQ 19 vs Macquarie Uni 26

Griffith 19 vs Bond 5

10:30 am - Round five 

Sunday morning's final pool matches were characterised by surprises with a host of upsets to end the regular rounds.

Bond Uni caught the undefeated UQ off guard when they unexpectedly crept ahead by one point to inflict just their second loss in Uni 7s history.

The win wasn't enough to push UQ off the top of Pool A but it certainly injected a heap of confidence into the Gold Coast side as they prepare to take on fellow Queenslanders Griffith in the playoffs.

Sydney Uni fell short of UNE in a 27-5 loss in their match, putting UNE in the major semis.

UNE dominated in their matchup leading 12 - 0 at half time against Sydney Uni and ran away with it into the end.

Uni of Adelaide went into their last Pool B match against undefeated Griffith, having only won one match on day one in Canberra but they came out fighting against the heavywieghts.

Uni of Adelaide’s Alice Gregory scored an incredible runaway try but Griffith proved exactly why they’re on top, piling 29 points on the South Australians.

UTas and Macquarie Uni both went into round five vying for the second spot in Pool B and it was the Rays who came out on top 44-5.

Macquarie Rays’ Emily Chancellor, Sariah Pakii and Maddison Ashby all scored doubles for their side and rocketed them towards the playoffs.


Pool A 

Bond Uni 15 - UQ 14

Sydney Uni 5 - UNE 27

Pool B

Griffith Uni 36 - Uni of Adelaide 7

Macquarie 44 - UTas 5


Pool A

1. UQ

2. Bond Uni

3. UNE

4. UC

5. Sydney Uni

Pool B

1. Griffith

2. Macquarie Uni


4. Uni of Adelaide

5. Melbourne Uni


Sunday September 9

Place playoffs

Ninth place playoff

1pm - University of Sydney vs University of Melbourne

Seventh place playoff

1:25pm - University of Adelaide vs University of Tasmania

Fifth place playoff

1:50pm - UNE vs University of Canberra

Bronze medal match

2:15pm - University of Queensland vs Bond University

Gold medal match

2:40pm - Macquarie Uni vs Griffith University


University of Canberra

IN: Georgia O’Neill, Tayla Stanford, Kasey Dragisic 

OUT: Bree Toze, Darcy Read, Regan Hart 

Sammie Wood

Michaela Leonard

Abby Gustaitis

Jane Garraway

Yasmin Meakes

Paremo Marsh

Ngawai Eyles

Georgia O’Neill

Tania Afamasaga

Tayla Stanford

Claudia Obst

Kasey Dragisic

Griffith University

IN: Kiri Lingman, Samantha Treherne, Eliza Flynn, Yolanda Gittins

OUT: Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea, Ellen Field, Katie Curtis, Kahli Henwood 

Lilly Dick

Charlotte Kennington

Kiri Lingman

Samantha Treherne

Laura Waldie

Georgie Friedrichs

Ivania Wong

Kirby Sefo

Eliza Flynn

Sophie Bell

Sophie Quirk

Yolanda Gittins


IN: Gemma Hauck 

OUT: Erica Fowler

Marioulla Belessis (vc)

Shenae Ciesiolka

Gemma Hauck

Georgia Hannaway

Samantha Hopkins

Jannicke lJdens (c)

Grace Kaihau

Pleuni Kievit

Hagiga (Haj) Mosby

Mackenzie Sadler (vc)

Bodil Van Wijnbergen

Sarafina Vosuqa

Terri-Anne Egan (13th)

University of Sydney 

IN: Kirrily Laws, Claudia McLaren, Anneliese Hughes 

OUT: Kobe Dymock, Claudia Bell 

Olivia White

Chantelle Miell

Matilda Vaughan Fowler

Sydney Gregson

Ashleigh Quinlan

Jakiya Whitfeld

Emma Wade

Jordan Parsonage

Barbara Waddell

Kirrily Laws

Freya Clayhills

Claudia McLaren

Anneliese Hughes

Uni of Melbourne

IN:  Emma Wunsch, Jessica Roberts, Amy Williams 

OUT: Danielle Crosswell, Emily Wellings, Tamara Whiteside 

Jordan Holloway Clarke

Casey Homewood

Jessica Anderson

Lydia Quedley Turua

Tangata Tupou

Ryan Carlyle

Sophia Power

Emma Wunsch

Sophie McDonald

Jessica Roberts

Annie Buntine

Amy Williams

Macquarie Uni 

IN: Emily Chancellor 

OUT: Katalina Amosa 

Sariah Pakii

Kennedy Cherrington

Bella McKenzie

Maddi Anderson ©

Emily Chancellor ©

Layne Morgan

Page McGregor

Madison Ashby

Olivia Brooks

Katie Harrison

Montana Walters

Mia Wood

Bond Uni 

IN: Mille Boyle, Madi Schuck, Tarni Peep 

OUT: Lauren Brown (leg), Katie Grimmett, Bailey Marshall 

Jess Elliston ©

Millie Boyle

Georgia Page

Sophie Holyman

Gabby Senft

Kathy Baker

Madi Schuck

Trinity Mamoe

Eve Higgins

Taylor Fenton

Tarni Peep

Stephanie Rutherford

Uni of Adelaide

IN: Joanna Hawke, Cindy Chang

OUT: Zakiya Kereopa, Maddy Smith, Rebekah Jones 

Ellie Konopka ©

Maddy Smith

Alice Gregory

Olivia Bernadel-Huey

Kelly Rowe

Joanna Hawke

Lauren Kildare

Taj Heald

Lauren Potter ©

Gemma Monaghan

Cindy Chang

Zahn Anthony


IN: Emily Adams Tenayah Woodward, Lauren Wilson 

OUT: Cassie Staples, Ashleigh Walker, Ella Goldsmith 

Ashlee Knight

Isabella Tisch-Lienert

Lily Mason-Spice

Maya Stewart

Bobbi Law

Tahlia Goldsmith

Rhiannon Byers

Shana Povey-Hyatt

Emily Adams

Tenayah Woodward

Lauren Nott

Leah Wilson

University of Tasmania

IN: Sydnee Watanabe

OUT: Alice Robinson

Molly Baxter

Eilidh Sinclair

Caitlin Ryan

Lauryn Cooper

Emma Sykes

Kiki Morgan

Georgia Stewart

Sydnee Watanabe

Meesa Albert

Michaelyne Arumbi

Vivvi Kokkinen

Wyonnay Conway