One Percenters: Rebel's reunion, Bernie snaps a selfie

by Sam Phillips and Beth Newman

With all eyes on the second June Test, there's been a few stories slip through the cracks this week.

What have you missed?

Melbourne reunion for Rebels' Charles

It was a special weekend for Rebels hooker Nathan Charles, who had a rare chance to see his wife, Verity, in action on the netball court.

The pair, who have been married since December 2016, have spent nearly a quarter of their married life apart, with Verity a professional netballer with the West Coast Fever, and Nathan overseas.

Nathan was in Perth for the Rebels' World Series clash with the Force last weekend, and the Fever in Melbourne on Saturday playing the Vixens.

Though they were only fleeting visits, Nathan they made sure they talked every day while they were apart and always make an effort when they're together.

"Even before we were married, when I was playing in France, we had to postpone our wedding for a week, so we knew from the get go one of the challenges and stuff like that, we’re just living with that," he said.

"We probably communicate moreso because we don’t see each other all the time.

Pretty important to us and we make sure we know what our daily schedules are and we feel involved in each others' lives.

Four months apart was their longest separation, with Nathan playing in France and England and Nathan said the pair want to ensure that doesn't happen again.

Perth is likely to be their long-term base once Nathan retires from rugby, but he said that is a little way down the track.

"We both love Perth and Vertty's got a few more seasons left in her career and she's really enjoying playing her netball.

"It's a place we both call home and I think  both happy to stay there, but we'll just see what happens."

Load management a fact of rugby life

The Wallabies are looking forward to a Sydney decider. Photo: WalmsleyIreland has been lauded for its management of players through its successful past 18 months, with coach Joe Schmidt not afraid to give his stars a rest or limited tame to start this series.

With the 2019 Super Rugby draw released this week, Australia has a clear idea of what the schedule is heading into the 2019 Rugby World Cup and whether individuals are managed in a similar way in Australia will be watched closely. 

The Wallabies and Brumbies had a to and fro before June about resting a trio of Test players, and Wallabies and Waratahs flyhalf Bernard Foley said load management was something players had to be prepared for, as long as everyone was on the same page.

"We'll make sure we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, we get our necessary rest, we'll talk about Super Rugby when it comes around next year,.

"I think it's going to be horses for causes I think and there has to be a pretty solid plan set out at the beginning of the year or set out through the coaches, through the staff at both provinces and both province and at a national level and that plan is something we stick by, everyone's aware and across it and you just stick to it ,through in terms of knowing what the ultimate goal is or the ultimate outcome and we'll work back from there.

Reds rolled out at junior clubs

No less than 27 Reds players visited 21 junior clubs in south east Queensland on Friday night.

The Reds have ensured all non-Wallabies are plying their trade for their clubs during the June break and it's brilliant to see the players putting in the hard yards with the juniors that idolise them, too.

Squeaky clean Wallabies in Melbourne

We've heard of press conferences paused because of aeroplanes, loud trucks and people, but Sunday's Wallabies recovery session delivered another first.

Just as the pre-recovery press conference was beginning, the squad came in from the Melbourne rain, to walk across the tiled floors of the Glasshouse, with their shoes squeaking so loudly that reporters had to pause until they had all gone past.

A bit of Brisbane banter


There's been plenty of fire in this June Series on the field, and we spotted one moment where it went beyond 

Ireland playmaker Johnny Sexton and Wallabies assistant Nathan Grey certainly weren't afraid to trade a barb in Brisbane last weekend.

The teams had an extra run-in this week as well, with airport delays putting Ireland and the Wallabies in Sydney Airport at the same time, waiting for their bags.

Fair to say, there wasn't a huge amount of warm conversation going on.

Cherry on top of a World Series season

Emilee Cherry has had a sensational season on the field and now the Aussie women's 'GOAT' has another exciting milestone to celebrate.

Cherry announced her engagement to long-time partner Dan Barton on Sunday night, with plenty of congratulatory comments flowing in for the couple.

Bernie steps out of the box

Stephen Larkham mightn't be the Wallabies star playmaker anymore but he still attracts fans at Test matches, with one Wallabies supporter pulling the Wallabies assistant for a selfie at Suncorp and he was more than happy to oblige.