Convicts take out Bingham Cup

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by AAP & Beth Newman

The Sydney Convicts have won the Bingham Cup for the fifth time, taking out the tournament in Amsterdam last weekend.

It wasn't just their top team taking the spoils, with their B team winning the second-tier Bingham Shield as well.

The Convicts' win is the sixth by an Australian team overall, with the Melbourne Chargers winning in 2016 in Nashville.

Convicts president Don Rose said they were hoping to share the victory with the rest of the rugby community.

"We are celebrating our amazing victory in Amsterdam for now, but when we get home, our efforts will continue to make rugby union a more inclusive and welcoming community," said Convicts president Don Rose.

"To that end, we'll extend invitations to our longtime allies at Rugby Australia, the Wallabies and the Waratahs, to help us celebrate when we bring the cup back to Sydney."

The Sydney Convicts are heading to the Bingham Cup. Photo: Sydney ConvictsConvicts founder Andrew Purchas said it was pleasing to see the Convicts, and the Bingham Cup, continue to grow, with the tournament hosting 72 teams and 2500 players this season.

"The Convicts and other gay and inclusive clubs create a safe and welcoming environment where young gay people can play sport and feel accepted," he said.

"It’s also great to see many of our founding players, such as our head coach Charlie Winn, remain involved in the club.

"This has been key to our long-term strength as a rugby club. Charlie has either coached the team or played on the team every time we’ve won the Bingham Cup, he’s an incredible leader who has been a pillar to our success."

Following the win, the Convicts announced that they, along with the Woollahra Colleagues, will be donating $27,000 to a project aimed at reducing the use of homophobic language in sport.