QLD and NSW split Sevens spoils

by Sam Phillips

Queensland and New South Wales will each take a trophy home from the National Sevens Championship.

The two states took out the Cup finals on Sunday afternoon.

Here's how the day unfolded.

3:20pm - Finals

Queensland and NSW have split the National Sevens Championship titles on a frenetic day of finals in Bendigo.

Queensland were hot favourites to claim both titles after going into Sunday with four undefeated teams but NSW Blue beat both QLD outfits in successive starts, claiming the Cup title with a 24-5 win over QLD Red in the final.

It was a guaranteed good result for Queenslanders in the men’s final, with QLD Red defeating QLD White 26-19 to claim the Cup.

ADF claimed bronze in the men’s fixtures, while QLD White cruised to bronze in the women’s draw.


Men’s results - in order of placings

QLD Red 26 - QLD White 19

ADF 19 - VIC 7

NSW 21 - ACT 10

NT 33 - WA 5

National Indigenous 22 - National Universities 21

SA 26 - TAS 10

Women’s results - in order of placings

NSW Blue 24 - QLD Red 5

QLD White 29 - ACT 0

National Indigenous 19 - NSW White 17

SA 27 - National Universities 10

VIC 12 - ADF 10

TAS 15 - NT 12

12:30pm - Semi-finals

Queensland have booked three of the four grand final spots, with the women of NSW Blue preventing their northern cousins from completing a clean sweep.

QLD Red proved too strong for ACT and they will face their traditional rivals from below the border in the women's cup final.

The men’s final will be all smiles for Queensland fans, though, with QLD Red beating Victoria and QLD White emerging victorious from their clash against ADF.

In the fight for the minor placings, National Universities, National Indigenous, South Australia and NSW White emerged victorious in the women’s fixtures.

NSW, ACT, NT and WA were the victors in the fight for minor placings in the men’s fixtures.


Men’s Cup semi-finals

QLD Red 19 -  VIC 7

QLD White 26 - ADF 19

Women’s Cup semi-finals

QLD Red 24  - ACT 7

NSW Blue 27 - QLD White 5 

Other men’s results

NSW 27 - National Universities 12

ACT 17 -  National Indigenous 10

NT 24 -  TAS 7

WA 19 - SA 12

Other women’s results

National Universities 20 - TAS 12

National Indigenous 28 - Victoria 5

South Australia 37 - Northern Territory 0

NSW White 12 - ADF 10

11:00am - Quarter-finals

Victoria have caused the first boil over of the finals, keeping NSW scoreless in their Cup quarter-final.

QLD kept their undefeated record intact and booked semi final tickets in the process, QLD Red edging National University and QLD White easily accounting for National Indigenous.

ADF booked the other semi final berth but the women couldn’t replicate that result, falling to ACT.

QLD Red and QLD White also closed to victory in the women’s fixtures, with NSW Blue the other semi finalist.


Men’s Cup QFs

QLD Red 24 - National Universities 21

VIC 17 NSW 0

QLD White 27 - National Indigenous 7

ADF 24 - ACT 19

Women’s Cup QFs

QLD Red 22 - NSW White 0

ACT 17 - ADF 12

NSW Blue 22 - National Indigenous 12

QLD White 43 - VIC 5