QLD teams dominate day one of National Sevens Champs

by Sam Phillips

The opening day of National Sevens Championship action is in the books and it's been one for the Queenslanders so far, with all four Queensland outfits undefeated at the end of the pool play.

Here's how all the action panned out.

4:15pm - Round three

The third and final round on an opening day jam packed full of action is done and dusted, with four undefeated teams - all four of them hailing from Queensland - the stars of the pool matches.

QLD Red and QLD White are tied atop the table in the Men's competition, with the former having beaten Tasmania, National Indigenous and NSW in their three starts for a +64 point differential today.

QLD White, remarkably, have a +64 point differential as well, having beaten Victoria, National Universities and South Australia in their three starts.QLD are airborne on day one. Photo: Karen WatsonBoth Queensland teams are undefeated in the Women's draw, too, QLD Red racking up a huge +142 point differential in their three wins over Victoria, Northern Territory and Australian Universities.

QLD White have had wins against ADF, South Australia and NSW White to keep their perfect record intact.

Here's how the pool standings shape up ahead of day two.

For a full list of day two fixtures, click here.


1. QLD Red - 9 points

2. NSW Blue - 9 points

3. QLD White - 9 points

4. ACT - 7 points

5. ADFRU - 7 points

6. VIC - 7 points

7. National Indigenous - 5 points

8. NSW White - 5 points

9. National Universities - 5 points

10. SA - 3 points

11. NT - 3 points

12. TAS - 3 points


1. QLD Red - 9 points

1. QLD White - 9 points

3. ADFRU - 8 points

4. NSW - 7 points

5. VIC - 7 points

6. ACT - 7 points

7. National Indigenous - 5 points

8. National Universities -  5 points

9. NT - 5 points

10. WA - 4 points

11. SA - 3 points

12. TAS - 3 points

1:45pm - Round two

The second round is in the books. Photo: Karen WatsonThe second set of matches have finished up and it's still the heavy favourites in cruise control.

In the Women's matches NSW Blue flexed their attacking punch in putting 50 points on Tasmania, with ACT handling a spirited National Indigenous side.

QLD White was in cruise control throughout their win over SA before ADF sprung the first upset of the day, beating NSW White in a thriller.

QLD Red matched NSW Blue by putting 50 on NT before Victoria edged Australian Universities in a tight tussle.

NSW Blue were dominant in their second match, easily accounting for ACT, while National Indigenous kept Tasmania's woes going with a 45-0 win.

Some big scores have been racked up in the Men's fixtures, with National Universities, both QLD sides, NSW, Victoria, ADF and NT recording wins.


ACT 5 ADF 12

NT 19 WA 14

QLD Red 24 National Indigenous 12

NSW 48 TAS 7

National Universities 0 QLD White 24

VIC 38 SA 12


QLD White 41 SA 7

ADF 17 NSW White 10

QLD Red 57 NT 0

National Universities 10 VIC 17

NSW Blue 31 ACT 5

National Indigenous 45 TAS 0

11:20am - Round one

The first session of matches are in the books and the results are in.

In the Men's fixtures ACT, Australian Defence, QLD Red and NSW are on the board, with the ACT-WA clash the pick of the matches so far.Samantha Treherne and QLD Red are off to a flyer. Photo: Karen WatsonThe favourites in each of the Women's matches so far have dominated proceedings, all cruising to early victories.


ACT 12 WA 5

NT 15 ADF 26

QLD Red 54 Tasmania 5

NSW 22 National Indigenous 5


QLD White 29 ADF 12

NSW White 22 SA 12

QLD Red 38 VIC 0

Australian Universities 39 NT 0