Nervous emotions prevalent ahead of series opener

Uni 7s
by staff

Nervousness is one of the dominating emotions ahead of the first ever Aon Uni 7s tournament this weekend, according to some of the inaugural captains.

“It’s exciting, it’s good to see all the captains and feel all the nervous energy tonight,” Macquarie University skipper Emily Chancellor said.

“Our training sessions have been going well and we’re a good young team, and it’s exciting to play good level footy.

“I’m so proud, I’m stoked, I was shocked, but it’s such an honour to lead the girls out for the first leg of the series,” University of Canberra captain Ash Kara said.

“There’s a really good vibe, plenty of nerves but really positive energy, so I’m trying to keep them all level-headed, but they’re all just excited to get out there and get the ball in their hands.”

Chancellor spoke positively of the effect the tournament can have for the girls.

“It gives a good opportunity for them to be seen playing in a good competition, it’s hard sometimes to play club rugby and be seen, but at this level you’re going to need to stand up and perform.

"It’s going to be good for coaches like Tim Walsh to have a look and say, “give me a bit more of that person.”

Chancellor also commented on her club’s desire to prove pre-tournament doubters wrong.

“We’re here to win, we’re here to prove everyone wrong," she said.

"We’ve been ranked quite lowly in the prior-to-tournament standings, but we’re here to say, “Macquarie Uni’s the uni to watch out for”.

The inaugural Uni 7s kicks off in Launceston on Friday at 2pm AEST, broadcast LIVE on