Wallaroos giving back in Belfast

Womens Rugby World Cup
by Sam Phillips

The Wallaroos are giving back in Belfast, taking it upon themselves to take part in the Pass it Back program.

The program provides opportunity for disadvantaged children in communities across southeast Asia.

Girls from Vietnam, Lao and the Philippines were on hand today, with a handful of Wallaroos helping run the session.

Louise Burrows was one of those Wallaroos and as a teacher by trade, she fully embraced the opportunity to give back.Ashleigh Timoko was one of the Wallaroos that ran the clinic today. Photo: ARU Media"This is such an amazing opportunity for these girls," she said.

"For a lot of them, this is the first time that anyone from their community has travelled out from their community, at all, let alone their country.

"So for them to have that opportunity to develop their leadership skills, teamwork and to have another opportunity to play rugby in another country is truly amazing."

Burrows said the opportunity afforded to the girls was truly inspiring.The Wallaroos smile for the camera. Photo: ARU Media"I'm a teacher as well so to see girls being given an opportunity back home, it's really inspiring," she said.

"Just to see these girls develop their skills on a personal level and to also develop their rugby skills.

"It's something I think would help to follow their dreams, wherever they are, as they get older."

The Wallaroos round out their World Cup campaign on Saturday night in the fifth place playoff, kicking off at 11pm AEST, broadcast LIVE on FOX SPORTS.