Pelite excited to mentor future stars

Uni 7s
by staff

Aussie Sevens star Evania Pelite is excited to provide an example to, and share her experiences, with her University of Adelaide teammates in the inaugural Uni 7s.  

Rio gold medallist Pelite, said she was looking forward to the chance to mentor the next generation of Aussie Sevens hopefuls in an emerging state.

“I’ve been put with Adelaide, so I’m really excited, and I’ve been down and seen a couple of the girls, and I get along well with the coach, so I’m great that I’ve been put with that team,” Pelite said.

“I get to use my knowledge and share that amongst other girls that want to come and try their hand at rugby sevens.

“If I can help them in any way to achieve their goals of playing for Australia, then I’ll obviously try my best.”

Evania Pelite (left) can't wait for the Uni7s to get underway. (Photo: Getty Images)Pelite is also eager to see what else the tournament can bring to Australian Women’s Sevens, including exposure for the program, playing time, and competitiveness between the teams.

The 22-year-old said the concept of the uni-based tournament would be critical to growing Australia’s talent base.

“I think the idea behind the tournament is great, and being able to bet get more exposure for women’s sevens across Australia, and to take it to the universities is a really good idea,” she said.

“It’ll be beneficial for us to get more game time, and we don’t get to play in Australia often, and we (Aussie Sevens players) don’t get to play against each other very often, so hopefully that’ll bring in some good competitive nature amongst the teams as well.”

The Aon Uni 7s series starts this weekend in Launceston, hosted by the University Tasmania and will be streamed live on