Adversity could be start of something special: Wessels

Super Rugby
by Sam Phillips

Force coach Dave Wessels is adamant the adversity surrounding his team will start something special in Perth.

Appearing on FOX SPORTS Kick and Chase last night, Wessels oozed positivity when asked about how his team was coping with the axe hovering over their head.

"The uncertainty of things isn't ideal but I think more than that, the way the community has galvanised around the team is pretty special," he said.

"From that point of view, it's a coach's dream.

"From quite an average situation, we're seeing some pretty good consequences which is fantastic for us."Marcel Brache signs a young fan's jersey on Sunday. Photo: Getty ImagesWhile they have played an improved style of rugby in 2017, the Force are yet to hit top gear.

Their two wins have been against a misfiring Reds and the lowly Kings.

While their defensive work was questionable against the Kings, they came back from a two-try deficit with 15 minutes to win - a sign Wessels is making a quantifiable difference to a team that has often rolled over in similar situations in years gone by.

"I feel like we are learning lessons every week," Wessels said.The Force are fighting for their survival. Photo: Getty Images"We are certainly not perfect and we weren't perfect against the Kings but the important thing is that we want to get to a point where if we are playing an important knockout game in 18 months time, those players have 20 or 30 caps behind them.

"I feel like if we get through this unfortunate process, we have a pretty special group of people together.

"In some ways, the anxiety around this process can actually bring us closer together as a group.

"The adversity of this as a group could actually be the start of something special for us."