Queensland Women "buzzing" after Brisbane Tens

by Sam Phillips

Queensland Women's star Kirby Sefo says her team is still "buzzing" after the Brisbane Tens but is adamant there is more work to be done in growing Women's rugby in Australia.

Queensland played two exhibition matches against NSW, one on each day of the tournament, which played out as a 10-all draw on Saturday and 5-0 loss on Saturday.NSW and Queensland battled out two thrilling contests at Suncorp Stadium. Photo: rugby.com.au/Stuart WalmsleyWhile Sefo was disappointed with the result, she told RUGBY.com.au the thrill of playing in front of a big crowd had all the players yearning for more.

"As Queenslanders we had a lot of family and friends in the crowd so it was really cool to see so many familiar faces there," she said.

"The fact that it was on Fox and they broadcasted it all was really wonderful."

With the Women's Rugby World Cup just over five months away, Sefo said several girls in contention for the 26-woman squad had already ruled themselves out of making the trip to Ireland.Duco would like to include women in the Tens. Photo: RUGBY.com.au/Stuart Walmsley"Obviously the main thing is that the Sevens girls are professional whereas 15s at the moment for the women we all still have to make a living - we all have full time jobs," she said.

"We want to be at the top running and there at the end of the competition at things like the World Cup this year but that’s really difficult when you have some of the constraints that we have but that’s just the reality of it.

"Some girls have already had to step away from the squad going to the World Cup because of work and like I said, we want to be taking our best 26 away and that’s not doable unfortunately so we just have to make do."

Despite the current funding issues, Sefo holds hope that involvement in tournaments such as the Tens will continue to nudge the Women's game towards a payment model similar to the Women's Sevens.

"Coming off weekends such as the Tens, that certainly helps and I think we will get there in the end - it’s just a slow moving process for now."