REPLAY: Day Two Womens Youth Sevens Champs

Full replay of day two of the 2016 National Women's Youth Sevens Championships (Under 18s) from McGillivray Oval, Perth.


Girls results from day two and the finals as it happened.

Semi Finals

9:00am QLD (White) 5 v VIC 25

9:22am NSW (White) 20 v NIDIG 5

9:44am NSW (Blue) 24 v ACT 12

10:08am QLD (Red) 26 v WA 14

10:47am NT 12 v SA 7


11:09am NINIG 0 v QLD (White) 14

11:31am VIC 0 v NSW (White) 42

11:55am WA 34 v ACT 5

12:32pm NSW (Blue) 14 v QLD (Red) 22*

*Tournament winners