Buzz building in men's camp

Tue, 09/08/2016, 06:15 am
Chris Ford
by Chris Ford
All the Captain's meet in the Athlete's Village. Photo: Getty Images

They have been watching the women for the first three days but now Australia’s men will take centre stage at the Olympics.

Andy Friend’s side have been keeping a low profile in Rio with their three-day competition to kickoff tomorrow (Wednesday 12am AEST) against France.

“I actually woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought it was today,” Friend said yesterday in Rio.

“I was like ‘you beauty’, but then I woke up later and went ‘bugger, got another day to wait!’.

“We’re ready to go and I can’t wait to start.”

They have also been keen spectators over the first three days of action, continually seen stopping in front of televisions to catch the latest Olympic news.

“What’s fascinating is you sit down and watch the telly and watching whoever compete, whether it’s Aussie or someone else and then the next day you bump into them in the dining hall and say ‘well done on the Gold medal’”, Friend said.

“It’s a really neat atmosphere here and hopefully after these boys play, other people will be doing the same and saying ‘we watched you win that Gold medal, well done’.” 

Australia will face France (12am AEST) and Spain (5am AEST) on day one of competition before taking on South Africa.

Australia men’s Olympic campaign

Wednesday 10 August (12am AEST) against France

Wedneday 10 August (5am AEST) against Spain

Thursday 11th August (12.30am AEST) against South Africa

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