Second stripper comes forward in Chiefs scandal

Fri, 05/08/2016, 10:18 pm
Beth Newman
by Beth Newman
The Chiefs have been embroiled in a Mad Monday scandal. Photo: Getty Images
The Chiefs have been embroiled in a Mad Monday scandal. Photo: Getty Images

Fresh allegations against the Chiefs have forced New Zealand Rugby to extend an investigation into the Waikato club’s Mad Monday celebrations.

The club was already under the spotlight following revelations in New Zealand media from a stripper with the stage name Scarlette that the players had performed indecent acts on her.

It is alleged that a player pushed her to the ground to perform a sexual act on her that she had earlier agreed to for $NZ50.

She went to leave, but was too afraid and the group allegedly said she still had to wait on them, then was paid $100, without the $50 for the indecency.

Scarlette has also alleged players touched her inappropriately, with some outlets reporting that players licked her in intimate areas.

A second stripper has come out overnight, speaking to New Zealand’s Newshub, saying she would rather perform for a gang than the Super Rugby side.

The woman, wishing to be known as Laura, said she was subjected to offensive comments and inappropriate touching at last year's end of season celebrations.

"I was trying to dance and they were all surrounding me. I asked them several times to back off and give me space - they ended up spitting alcohol all over me [and] touching me inappropriately," she said to Newshub

"[They were] grabbing my arse and after that I'd asked them not to.

"They were just full on in my face the whole time. All of their comments were, 'Oh, look at this filthy s***' or whatever - it was just unnecessary behaviour.

Laura said she didn’t want to come forward earlier because she believed no one would listen but once Scarlette broke her silence, she felt the need to follow suit.

Police have confirmed they are trying to get in contact with Scarlette after her allegations and Chiefs CEO Andrew Flexman released a statement on Saturday morning, saying the club had asked New Zealand Rugby to extend the investigation.

Flexman also held a press conference on Friday that was shut down quickly with reporters asking about the identity of players and whether they were All Blacks.

“The Chiefs are concerned and disappointed to hear of new allegations made in the media last night relating to player post-season activities in 2015,” the statement read.

“Given that New Zealand Rugby is already leading an investigation into allegations made following the team’s post season celebrations  this week ,we have asked New Zealand rugby to extend their  investigation to include the related events and information.”

The scandal is a major blow to rugby in New Zealand, which trades of a wholesome, squeaky clean image, with players revered across the country.

Fans have reacted with fury, one man even burning his jersey after hearing of the allegations.

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