NRC: Lucas named Rays captain for NRC 2016

by staff

The NRC kicks off in just over three weeks and while the squads are still to be formalised, the Sydney Rays have already announced their captain.

NSW Waratahs back-up halfback Matt Lucas has been given the honour and will also play a role in the formation of the team’s final squad.

Rays head coach Simon Cron said Lucas’ Super Rugby experience made him the perfect fit for the role. 

“Matt epitomises what the Macquarie Uni Sydney Rays are all about,” he said.

 “He’s uncompromising, tough and at the same time has a very good rugby brain.” 

Matt Lucas will also have a say in the final squad for the Sydney Rays. Photo: Getty Images

The 26-year-old won’t be alone in the direction of the team, though, with Cron adopting a group approach to the club’s leadership.

“Matt will have plenty of backup from the leaders we have within the group and in my mind he will work well with Will Miller (Northern Suburbs flanker) and Damien Fitzpatrick the Eastwood hooker and others we have in place,” Cron said. 

Lucas, too, believes he has what it takes to skipper the team and hopes to create an environment that will breed success. 

“That’s my goal [to have a bit of fun] with this squad,” he said.

“Yes we will work hard but we’ve got to have some fun at the same time.

“We’ve got to enjoy every time we come together and we’ve got to enjoy the type of rugby that we play.”

The Sydney Rays will meet local rivals Western Sydney Rams in the second round of the NRC, on August 28 at North Sydney Oval.