Village no celebrity show

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by Chris Ford

Big name sporting stars have been hard to come by in the Village for the Women’s Sevens, not that they really care. 

The women are in Rio ahead of their first clash on Saturday and have been exploring the Village in between training sessions, but they are yet to chance upon some sporting celebrities.

“I have seen a photo of Rafa (Nadal), someone showed me that they got a photo with him so I saw that,” Charlotte Caslick joked.

“Our coaching staff walked past (Novak) Djokovic but we didn’t get to see him, so when we finish we’ll be on the hunt.”

Village life a novelty for the current World Champions and while they’re intently focused on bringing home Gold on Day Three, they have started making plans for when their tournament wraps up.

“I’m booked in to get my nails done at the free beauty salon,” Caslick joked.

“I want to go watch the hockey and the beach volleyball and as many other sports as I can.”

Tim Walsh’s squad have enjoyed a relaxed build-up to the Games with a special visit from family and friends on their training free day. Co-captain Sharni WIlliams relaxing with a game of Table Tennis. Photo: ARU Media

“We play our best football when we’re relaxed and having a good time,” Caslick said.

“It’s always nice to get out the Village, getaway and just be as a team together and enjoying each other’s company.

“Not being in our rooms thinking about what we’re going to do on the field.”

The Women kick off their Olympic campaign against Colombia at 2.30am AEST on Sunday 7 August.

Australia Women’s Olympic campaign

Sunday 7 August (2.30am AEST) against Colombia

Sunday 7 August (7.30am AEST) against Fiji

Monday 8 August (2.30am AEST) against USA