Fiji Sevens receive rockstar farewell

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by Matt Lewis

The World Series Champion Fiji Sevens received a rockstar farewell as they departed for the Rio Olympics on Wednesday morning.

Fiji coach Ben Ryan, who has transformed the team in recent years, posted this video to Twitter, writing : “This doesn't happen every time I get on a plane! #RioBound”.

The Fijians will be one of the favourites in the men’s competition at the Olympics, with the island nations vying for its first Olympic medal.

The Sevens competition is one of the first to kick off in Rio, with the women’s tournament starting on August 7 and the men’s on August 10.

Women’s schedule

Sunday, August 7

12.00am - France v Spain

12.30am - New Zealand v Kenya

1.00am - Great Britain v Brazil

1.30am - Canada v Japan

2.00am - USA v Fiji

2:30am - Australia v Colombia      

5.00am - France v Kenya

5.30am - New Zealand v Spain

6.00am - Great Britain v Japan

6.30am - Canada v Brazil

7.00am - USA v Colombia

7.30am - Australia v Fiji

Monday August 8

12.00am - Spain v Kenya

12.30am - New Zealand v France

1.00am - Brazil v Japan

1.30am - Canada v Great Britain

2.00am - Fiji v Colombia

2.30am - Australia v USA

Men’s schedule

Wednesday August 10

12.00am - Australia v France

12.30am - South Africa v Spain

1.00am - Great Britain v Kenya

1.30am - New Zealand v Japan

2.00am - USA v Argentina

2.30am - Fiji v Brazil

5.00am - Australia v Spain

5.30am - South Africa v France

6.00am - Great Britain v Japan

6.30am - New Zealand v Kenya

7.00am - USA v Brazil

7.30am - Fiji v Argentina

Thursday August 12

12.00am - France v Spain

12.30am - South Africa v Australia

1.00am - Kenya v Japan

1.30am - New Zealand v Great Britain

2.00am - Argentina v Brazil

2.30am - Fiji v USA