ARU launches Reconciliation Action Plan

by staff

The ARU wants to continue to grow Indigenous rugby representation, with the launch of its second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) on Tuesday.

In line with the recently announced strategic plan, the new RAP aims to boost the governing body's relationships with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people, increasing paticpation and cultural awareness throughout the rugby community.

 ARU CEO Bill Pulver said the second iteration of the plan would go further than the first, reiterating the organisation's commitment to reconcilliation.

"Since the launch of our inaugural RAP, our organisation’s commitment to furthering reconciliation in Australia has strengthened,” he said.

“We have set ambitious targets and over the next two years we will particularly focus on making progress in three key areas: improving relationships, building respect and creating opportunities. We are committed to making Rugby more accessible to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“This RAP is closely aligned with our new five-year Strategic Plan, which is based on making Rugby a game for all Australians.

“Rugby plays a part in the rich sporting and cultural life of millions of Australians, and through our game we can engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and create genuine opportunities.”

ARU chairman Cameron Clyne said the organisation wanted to build Indigenous involvement across all spheres of rugby.

“The Australian Rugby Union is a national organisation with a global presence. We have a great responsibility be involved in Australia’s journey towards reconciliation.”

“We understand the need to provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to participate in our game, whether they are coaches, players, administrators or volunteers.” 

The launch of the plan coincides with National Reconciliation Week, which runs until June 3.

A copy of the RAP can be found here.