Thank you to all of rugby’s volunteers

by staff

Dear Rugby Community,

On behalf of Australian Rugby Union I want to personally reaffirm and extend the games gratitude and praise to the more than 35,000 volunteers that keep Rugby running in Australia.

With National Volunteer Week drawing to a close for another year it is appropriate that the lifeblood of our game, those who dedicate countless hours week in and week out, are given thanks for their hard work and dedication.

Rugby could not function without the tens of thousands of willing volunteers, the tireless individuals who offer their skills, time and energy to help create a healthy and vibrant Rugby community.

Across all levels of our game, from the under 6 coaches at local Rugby clubs, to match officials, the junior and senior committee members and of course the mums and dads who run our tuck shops each week, thank you for making Rugby a wonderful sport to be involved with.

I am continually impressed by the passion, generosity and dedication displayed by the large band of volunteers who help make our game what it is.

With participation figures reaching all-time highs of more than 250,000 registered players in Australia last year, and with potentially even more in 2012, there has never been such a need for volunteers to help run Rugby at all levels across Australia.

As they say at Volunteering Australia, ‘Everyone counts’, and as we say in Community Rugby, ‘Everyone Plays a Part’.

Thank you,