ARU moves to new online system for competition and membership management

by staff

Australian Rugby Union today announced a new partnership with InteractSport Pty Ltd, to deliver an interactive online system for competition and membership management for Rugby in Australia.

ARU General Manager for Participation Andrew Larratt said it was time to re-evaluate the platform that Rugby was using for competition management and participant registration, and capitalise on new technology.

“We are excited to announce that Australian Rugby will be moving to a new, easy to use online system,” he said.

“The InteractSport system will enable us to streamline and simplify our interactions with players and administrators right across Australia.

“Given that more Australians are using mobile and digital technologies in everyday life, we are thrilled to be able to provide a mature and technologically advanced solution for Australian Rugby.”

The new system will cater for the needs of Rugby – from the management of competitions right through to administrative services for local clubs. It will revolutionise the operations of more than 1,100 Rugby clubs across Australia, as well as almost 45,000 coaches and more than 16,000 match officials.

As well as competition management and player registration features, the new online platform will include Live Scoring, Player Statistics and Bulk Communication tools.

InteractSport has a proven track record in delivering online competition and participant management systems for other major Australian sporting codes including cricket, netball and tennis.

InteractSport Director Andrew Walton said InteractSport was proud to partner with the ARU to provide a comprehensive and collaborative competition management, participant registration and web management solution.

“InteractSport is one of the leading suppliers of web-based sports management products. We already service thousands of sporting organisations across ten different countries.”

“We have had an incredibly positive response to the tailored online management systems that we’ve rolled out for other sports, and we look forward to working with the ARU to provide a system that will cater for Rugby’s specific needs,” Mr Walton said.

The ARU will work with clubs, competition managers and unions to ensure the InteractSport system is ready for rollout during the summer Sevens season starting in October this year, and the 2015 Rugby season.