Timeless rugby moments captured as fans share where they were during past Lions Tours

Thu, 04/04/2013, 01:00 am
RUGBY.com.au staff
by RUGBY.com.au staff

“The gold being released from the ceiling … the Lions supporters singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot then falling silent as the Wallabies started scoring tries, the Australian supporters waving their scarves in delirious joy as we won the match.”

This is just one of the many submissions entered in ‘Where Were you?’, a competition offering fans the chance to win their place at this year’s British & Irish Lions Tour just by sharing their written memories or personal photos from past Lions Tours to Australia.

Countless moments have been captured so far as part of the competition, showcasing some of Rugby’s classic memoirs where rival individuals from across the world have come together as comrades through their passion for the game and its heroes.

The passion and excitement ahead of this year’s British & Irish Lions visit to Australia is evident in the numerous stories sent in by fans, with many eager to be part of the Tour that’s been 12 Years in the Making.

Memories have come from fans who remember being in locations across the world when the Lions last toured Australia, from Canada to Ireland, London and Croatia, in pubs, listening on the radio, in front of the TV in their Australian living rooms or as one of the many thousands lucky enough to witness a Lions match live amongst the teeming stadiums.

Some were very young and remember their parents educating them about Rugby, others donned in their gold Wallabies jersey were in a pub engaged in friendly banter with the red Lions supporters from Britain and Ireland.

Many remember the treasured Rugby legends and moments born out of past Lions Tours to Australia, including the likes of Brian O’Driscoll and John Eales, claiming they were times they will always remember.

Singing Waltzing Matilda and hearing Swing Low Sweet Chariot and celebrating personal milestones, including birthdays and wedding proposals that fell during past Lions visits to Australia, there’s no doubt a British & Irish Lions Tour goes hand–in-hand with timeless tales of entertaining Rugby, unforgettable celebrations, rivalry on the field and mates made off the field.

Possibly the most common of the memories so far is the rousing atmosphere and barrage of enthusiastic Red army supporters that typically accompany a Lions Rugby Tour.

This year it’s Australian fans’ one in 12 year chance to take them on as part of the sea of Gold supporters in the crowd at the 2013 British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia, which kicks off in June!

Entries for the ‘Where Were you?’ competition are still open for Rugby fans with prizes including tickets to this year’s British & Irish Lions Test and Tour match games in Australia, a unique opportunity that, as fans’ competition submissions have shown is one not to be missed.

Enter now by sharing your written memories or personal photos from past Lions Tours to Australia here for your chance to create and be part of the next classic moments during the upcoming British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia.

A selection of some of the ‘Where Were You?’ competition entries so far are below.

“In 2001 two other Aussies and I got up at 8am on a Sunday morning in Edinburgh (Scotland) to a pub called Filthy McNasty's. When Harrison pinched the ball at the last lineout we went ballistic and turned around to a very quiet room. Terrifyingly beautiful.” Roger Fitzhardinge

“I was travelling around the UK and Europe during the last Lions tour. For the final match I was watching the game at the home of an Australian friend in Leighton Buzzard in England. After the match we wore our Wallabies rugby tops and drove around the town letting all the Poms know we had won and then went to an English Pub and celebrated a little more.” Simon Milnes

“I was lucky enough to be in South Africa in '97 and Australia in '01, but missed out on tickets both times. I can remember the great vibe around the place though when the Lions were in town. It would be a dream to see the Lions live!” Dreyer Wentzel

“June '01 : Brac Island, Croatia :: only access to Test was by reading BBC text commentary in an Internet Cyber-cafe... locals thought I was crazy when celebrating O'Driscoll's try and had no understanding of rugby. 12 years & 4 rugby playing kids later, Perth is home and I'm outnumbered by Wallaby supporters in my own home!” Enda O’Sullivan

“I was 9 years old and was holidaying with the family at Noosa. Next door was a pub filled to bursting with boisterous Lions supporters. But I mostly remember their groans and the ensuing silence as Joe Roff scored his two tries. It was the first Lions tour I can remember, and one I will not forget!” Thomas Coutenay

“I had just moved to the UK, working in a small village pub. I was the only Aussie for miles and was served a mouthful of abuse after the first test loss. I bet every man a pint that we would still get up in the series... I didn't pay for a drink for 6 weeks (thank the lord for Dan Herbert & Matt Bourke).” Stephen Galt

“In 2001, I was only 8 years old, but I will always remember the unbelievable feeling of sitting at home watching the test matches on TV with my Dad & Grandad – proud Wallabies supporters! I didn’t understand a few things, but that’s when my love of Rugby truly began!” Jacqueline Rann

“In 2001, I faked a car breakdown to delay my finals exam in Ireland by two hours so that I could listen to the first test on the radio - It was epic and I passed the exam :), 12 years and 12,000 miles later, I would love to see BOD do it in the flesh...” John Dougan

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