"This is your Everest", speech encourages Lions fans to journey to Australia for historic tour

by RUGBY.com.au staff

Australian Rugby fans take note. Former inspirational British & Irish Lions Assistant Coach, Jim Telfer is back and this time he’s rallying British & Irish fans to do whatever it takes to make the journey to Australia to support the Lions this year.

Telfer is the man who motivated the Lions on the 1997 Tour to South Africa with a frank and moving speech famous for its “this is your Everest boys” metaphor to describe the challenge against the Springboks.

He was recently recruited by Tourism Australia to repurpose the speech to encourage British & Irish Rugby fans to join the Tour to Australia to support the 2013 Lions.

The result is a humorous parody of the original scene recreated with a group of British & Irish Lions fans. This time Telfer describes their greatest challenge, their Everest, as convincing their wives to make the 2013 British & Irish Lions Tour to Australia.

“The easy bit has passed. Convincing your mates to jump on the Lions Tour is the easy bit. Now comes the hard bit. Convincing your wives to let you go,” Telfer points out during the compelling remake.

His address is revamped to describe the uniqueness of the Lions Tour to Australia and the importance of going above and beyond to get their wife’s permission to join the “greatest Tour of their lives”.

“Very few fans ever get the chance for the top of Everest. You have that chance today,” Telfer adds.

“Isn’t five weeks of tropical bliss worth one night in the dog house?”

The Lions fans nod in agreement.

Telfer’s original inspirational speech was made to the Lions forward pack on the eve of the first Test against the Springboks. It was filmed as part of the behind the scenes ‘Living with Lions’ documentary during the 1997 Lions Tour to South Africa.

Despite the odds being stacked against them, the Lions dominated the host nation in the 1997 Series in South Africa, losing just two out of the 13 Tour matches.

Telfer’s notable words will help summon a large pride of Lions fans to the stadiums and streets of Australia this year with similar domination in their hearts, minds and voices.

Australian Rugby fans may remember the sea of red Lion’s supporters who descended on Australian shores during the last record-breaking Lions Tour to Australia 12 years ago in 2001.

In 2013 Australian Rugby fans are encouraged to turn the tide by securing their place in the crowd at Lions games across the country this June and July, dressed in gold, with their best Aussie war cries to drown out the Red Army.

Next week Australian Rugby fans’ will have a chance at their Everest when tickets go on sale to the Australian general public on Monday 18 February at 9.00am local time nationwide.

With a number of Lions tickets already snapped up during pre-sales fans are encouraged to get in quick to secure their place on the historic once in 12 Year Tour.

For all the information and to ensure you don’t miss out, visit the Lions website now.

Check out Jim Telfer’s parody speech for the 2013 Lions Tour here.