Australian Rugby welcomes three Wallaby greats into the Hall of Fame

by staff

Former Wallaby greats Simon Poidevin, Greg Davis and Wylie Breckenridge were inducted into Australia Rugby’s Hall of Fame at the 2014 John Eales Medal on Thursday 23 November in Sydney.

During the ceremony Australian Rugby Union President, David Crombie recapped their illustrious careers as Wallaby greats, noting their contributions to the game.

“The outstanding effort these men poured into rugby, both on and off the field, shall forever be recognised as they join the greatest players in Australian Rugby history on the Hall of Fame.

“Less than 900 men have earned this privilege of playing for the Wallabies and to be named in Australian Rugby’s Hall of Fame is a reflection not only of the ability of these players we congratulate, but the character and spirit of these men on and off the field.”

Wylie Breckenridge was acknowledged for his involvement in Australian Rugby through his 11 Test Caps and 24 Non Test Caps, his years of service as a team manager and Australian selector.

Wiley was also a member of the IRB, and was the man who convinced them and the world about 'the Australian dispensation', which was that only when the ball was kicked out from the 25 yard line would a lineout be taken where the ball crossed the line. The effect was to speed up the international game.

Greg Davis, a New Zealander by birth who moved to Australia and played for his adopted country was revered as an outstanding player and tireless leader.

He represented Australia 99 times with 39 Test Caps and 66 Non Test caps.

Attending the event, Simon Poidevin, was the final dignitary to accept the award for his commitment both on and off the field, as Wallaby great and current Co-President of the Classic Wallabies.

Poidevin had 59 Test caps and 37 Non Test Caps for the Wallabies. He also captained Australia in four Test Matches.

Hailing from the Randwick club here in Sydney, his association with the Wallabies started in 1980 when he was noticed for his freakish ability to seemingly be everywhere on the field.

Former team mate and current Hall of Fame member Mark Ella was once noted, stating “Simon is such a perfectionist… Not only is he the best Rugby player in Australia, he’s the most determined.”

Other notable Hall of Fame Members include Nick Farr-Jones, John Eales, Mark Ella and David Campese