NSW top seeds in both mens and womens draw ahead of cup quarters at National Sevens Championships

by RUGBY.com.au staff

The New South Wales Men's and Women's have topped the standings in their respective competitions after the pool stages of the National Senior Rugby Sevens Championships at the Sydney Academy of Sport in Sydney today.

Australian national player Alex Gibbon was the standout player for New South Wales Blue as they romped to victory in their three games against Northern Territory (29-0), Queensland White (29-7) and Western Australia (50-0). Queensland Red and ACT also emerged from Day One with 100% records.

In the Women's tournament, Queensland Red's bid to retain the title they won in Canberra in 2014 remains on track after winning three from three on Day One. New South Wales Blue and ACT also won their three games to progress to tomorrow's Cup Quarter-Finals in style.

Results for National Rugby Sevens Senior Championships at the Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen, 7 March 2015


Pool A: Queensland Red 43-7 Tasmania, National Indigenous 7-15 NSW White, Queensland Red 26-7 NSW White, National Indigenous 43-10 Tasmania, NSW White 34-7 Tasmania, Queensland Red 46-7 National Indigenous

Pool B: NSW Blue 29-0 NT, WA 12-7 Queensland White, NSW Blue 29-7 Queensland White, WA 12-33 NT, Queensland White 36-21 NT, NSW Blue 50-0 WA

Pool C: ACT 38-14 Australian Universities, Victoria 24-0 South Australia, ACT 41-7 South Australia, Victoria 12-38 Australian Universities, SA 10-36 Australian Universities, ACT 24-5 Victoria

Cup Quarter-Finals (Sunday 8 March): NSW Blue v Victoria, Australian Universities v NSW White, ACT v Queensland White, Queensland Red v National Indigenous


Pool A: Queensland Red 27-0 Australian Universities, South Australia 5-36 NSW White, Queensland Red 26-7 NSW White, South Australia 5-14 Australian Universities, NSW White 17-14 Australian Universities, Queensland Red 47-0 South Australia

Pool B: NSW Blue 36-0 NT, National Indigenous 17-7 Queensland Red, NSW Blue 52-0 Queensland White, National Indigenous 10-14 NT, Queensland White 7-5 NT, NSW Blue 29-7 National Indigenous

Pool C: ACT 19-5 Victoria, WA 17-0 Australian Services, ACT 17-7 Australian Services, WA 26-7 Victoria, Australian Services 19-10 Victoria, ACT 24-7 WA

Cup Quarter-Finals (Sunday 8 March): NSW Blue v Australian Universities, Australian Services v NSW White, ACT v Western Australia, Queensland Red v National Indigenous