Dean Mumm is living his World Cup dream

by staff

Dean Mumm always knew he would be at Twickenham when the Wallabies played England and Wales.

He just didn’t expect he would actually be on the sideline.

The NSW lock bought tickets for the blockbuster Australia matches in January, when he was still playing at Exeter.

Nine months on, Mumm is back on English shores, not far from where he was plying his trade for the past three years.

In between he answered a late SOS to return to the Waratahs Super Rugby side and his form warranted inclusion in the Wallabies’ Rugby Championship squad and in turn the World Cup cut.

Still so relevant is he in England that Mumm received one of the biggest receptions at the official welcome in Bath, two hours’ drive from his former club.

To say 2015 has been a miraculous one for him would not be far off the mark and Mumm is qwuick to express his bewilderment at being involved in Wallabies camp for his first World Cup.

“If you go back to January this year if someone said I'd be here, I probably would have said I’ll be in the stands watching - I bought tickets for Australia v England and Wales at Twickenham,” he said.

"Knowing I’m here now and have an opportunity to play, it’s completely different but from that end you don't’ take it for granted and it's special honour to represent your country."

Mumm’s local knowledge will be handy for the Wallabies with wet conditions predicted for many of their pool matches and he said he was trying to help where he could.

“We had a very wet training yesterday so I had some tips on how to get your footing ins which I’ve learned from people that have played over here,” he said.

“I try to impart that judgement but ultimately the way you play and prepare and it’s pretty much an individual thing.”

Mumm said the number of familiar faces around the squad, including his former NSW teammate Kane Douglas meant he was able to slip back into the Wallabies side easily.

“One of the things you find with the team is personalities don’t change,” he said.

“Australia’s a pretty humble place and no-one gets too ahead of themselves.

“It was a little bit like putting on an old pair of duds I just haven’t worn in a while.”

Mumm is keen to take advantage of what will likely be his last opportunity to play in a World Cup.

“I’m just sort of a little bit pinching myself that I’m here in this capacity,” he said.

“Being away in the states we were a bit of the isolated being there.

“In the UK you can see it means a lot to a lot of people.

“Kicking off (Friday) it’s finally here, it’s very much real.”

As for those tickets, Mumm is confident they won't be going to waste.

“They’re a precious commodity in my family, they’ll be snapped up.”