Wallaroo Watson giving back to the game

by RUGBY.com.au staff

Margaret Watson is a current nominee for the 2015 Asteron Life Community Coach of the Year Awards. Currently coaching junior Rugby at Merewether Carton Rugby Club in country New South Wales, something she sees as a way she can give back to a sport that has given and continues to give her so much.

Nicole Montgomery who nominated Margaret Watson for the Coach of the Year Award and a mother of one of the boys in her team, has been incredibly impressed at the way she treats every boy regardless of their ability and experience.

“She has a way of making all the players feel involved. Out of a registered side of 27, all players, no matter what skill level, get equal game time.”

“This was a team that did not win a game in 2014, but by round 5 this year had 2 wins under their belt. Winning aside, the confidence that Margaret instils in our boys is amazing to watch.

“The skills they are learning from her vast practical knowledge is second to none.”

Watson’s vast experience as a player, having competed in the last two Rugby World Cups for the Wallaroos, makes her an extremely valuable coach.

Leading by example, Watson instils her passion for the game in each one of her players benefitting the team as a whole.

“As well as her technical knowledge, Margaret is a great coach for these young men as a role model, a passionate rugby person and encourager of players to be the best they can be,” says Montgomery.

“She is a coach devoted to teaching and coaching the basics first, building the individual, then looking at the 'big picture' of her teams performances.”

“The best indicator of her impact? Our sons are smiling at training and game days.”

The 2015 Asteron Life Community Coach of the Year Award will be announced on Thursday the 27th of August at the John Eales Medal Awards night.