Women's nationals to provide pathway for coaches

by RUGBY.com.au staff

The Australian Rugby Union’s (ARU) National Women’s XVs Championship kicks off tomorrow with eight teams from around the country coming to compete to be crowned national champions as well as vying for a position in the Extended Wallaroos squad.

The Wallaroos will come together at the end of August (26th-30th) to commence a long journey of preparation to the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup to be held in Ireland.

With over 200 participants competing in the National Championships, Australia’s best female coaches will also have the opportunity to develop their skills with National selectors keeping a watchful eye.

The ARU will be investing in the Female Development Coach Program, which is aimed at providing an elite coaching experience for some of Australia’s up and coming XVs coaches.

The ARU’s Pathway Services Manager-Coaching, Jayson Brewer is heading the program and is looking for three female coaches to work with the Wallaroos squad during their extended training camp at Bond University, Gold Coast.

Coaches will have an opportunity to work with Wallaroos Head Coach Paul Verrell, as well as members of the ARU’s Elite Development Pathways team.

“This is an exciting concept and it will provide an opportunity for our aspiring female XVs coaches from all across Australia.

“The aim of this Championship is to provide an elite pathways opportunity for players and coaches alike.

“With Australia already qualified for the World Cup in 2017 it’s exciting to be working on our Women’s Rugby program three years from the tournament”.

The Women’s National Championships is a part of the ARU’s wider commitment to the Pathway to Gold for Wallaroos players.

The tournament kicks off at St Ignatius College Riverview in Sydney on Wednesday 24 June and will run until Friday 26 June.

2015 National Women’s XV Championship:

Pool A- Sydney, Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia

Pool B-Queensland, ACT, NSW Country, Australian Services (ASRU)

Match Day One, Wednesday 24 June

8.30am, Sydney v South Australia

9.30am, Western Australia v Victoria

10.30am, Queensland v ASRU

11.30am, ACT v NSW Country

12:30pm, Sydney v Victoria

1:30pm, Western Australia v South Australia

2:30pm, Queensland v NSW Country

3:30pm, ACT v ASRU

Match Day Two, Thursday 25 June

9.30am, Victoria v South Australia

11:00am, NSW Country v ASRU

12.30am, Sydney v Western Australia

2:00pm, Queensland v ACT

Match day Three, Friday 26 June

9.00am, 4th Pool A v 4th Pool B (Oval 2)

9.00am, 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B (Oval 1)

10.15am, 2nd Pool A v 2nd Pool B (Oval 1)

11.30am, 1st Pool A v 1st Pool B (Final, Oval 1)