Geraint John: listening key for coaches

by staff

Qantas Australian Men’s Head Coach, Geraint John is the keynote speaker at the ARU’s National Coaching Conference and believes the best thing for coach development is to listen to their fellow coaches and think outside the box.

“We’re hoping to give coaches the opportunity to rethink how they have done things and to think outside the box,” John says to ARU Media.

”Hopefully I can give people something to think about to make them go home and re-think about the things they do and their view on the game”.

“From my end I enjoy listening to the coaches and I’m firm believer that you can constantly learn and develop your skills.

“I coached for a number of years but I’m constantly looking at ways to improve and ways to develop.”

The presenters will be a diverse mix of Australian Sevens coaches, Pathways & Performance Coaches, Coaching Consultants and Sports Specialists in the fields of Coaching, Sport Psychology, Sport Science, Skill Acquisition and Strength & Conditioning.

The conferences are aimed at providing Club Coaches and High Performance Coaches with the latest coaching information in a broad range of topics.

The Conferences will also allow the ARU to launch its new coaching framework and provide incredible access and opportunities for coaches.

When asked about the modern art of coaching John is philosophical.

“Some people will tell you that some coaches have taken the art of that flare in players out of it. But coaches are there to help and develop the players.

“That’s my viewpoint; that my job every single day when I go to training, is that I want to get away from that day, look after the players and hopefully help them develop on and off the field.

“As coaches we have a responsibility to make them better people as well. That’s how I view coaching. How we can develop them individually and then collectively as a team, it’s my job to gel them together to make a successful squad that competes at the international stage.”

Places are still available for the ARU 2015 National Coaching Conference and you can find out more here.

2015 National Coaching Conference:

Sydney, Friday 3rd July, the Scots College, 42-52 Victoria Road, Bellevue Hill NSW, 2023.

Brisbane, Tuesday 7th July, University of Queensland, Sir Fred Schonell Drive, St Lucia QLD, 4072.