Cummins in familiar territory with Sevens

Beth Newman Profile
by Beth Newman

Nick Cummins is the newest addition to the Australian Sevens set-up, but in many ways donning the jersey will feel very familiar.

Cummins played at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games and has previously lived with team veteran James Stannard.

The outside back has plenty of fond memories from the 2010 Games, where the team netted a silver medal.

“My colours changed after Delhi Belly but I pressed forward from there,” he joked.

“That was a great experience the Comm Games.

“I like the Sevens environment - the boys have got a different sort of culture and it’s probably one of the better ones to be involved in.

“It revolves around hard work but a lot of mateship and camaraderie and I suppose that culture of not wanting to let your mates down.”

The lure of a possible Olympic medal played a major role in Cummins’ decision but the 28-year-old believes he can also add to the side.

“Mate, what an experience,” he said.

“I‘ve done Sevens before so I believe I can assist the team but at the same time (it would be great) to have an experience like that so you can tell your grandkids when they don’t care.”

Cummins has spent the summer in Japan, playing for Top League side Coca-Cola Red Sparks and said the speed of the Japanese game would help him transition back into the shorter Rugby format.

“Over there the game’s fairly quick,” he said.

“They’re fairly small roosters and they’re agile and fast and quick - they run like mad.

“Hopefully that can put me in good stead coming into Sevens again.”

While he harbours ambitions of Olympic success, Cummins knows he will have to earn his spot in the Sevens set up.

“The Sevens boys we’ve already got are outstanding,” he said.

“I’ve watched a lot of their games and they're tough mentally.

“That’s going to be really important .breaking into the squad is going to be a tall order but (I thought I might as well) have a go, eh?”

Cummins will be available for the final four legs of the HSBC World Sevens series, starting from Hong Kong on 8-10 April.