Coleman ready to trim down

by staff

Robbie Coleman is ready for cutting season.

The Brumbies back took an extended break after the Super Rugby season to overcome consistent injury niggles and has added nine kilograms to his frame in a bid to avoid breaking down again.

“This is my ninth pre-season and I always come in at 82 kgs,” he said.

“I try and put on a few kilos and try to keep lean, which is hard to do.

“That’s what was causing (those niggles) but I’ve got myself up to 91 now.

“I know where I want to be as far as round one, I want to be around 86, 87kg, so I’ve got a few kilos to shed. I’m just as fit as ever.”

It’s the first time in a while that Coleman can remember running on two fully fit ankles, after a post-season clean out on the joints.

“I suppose the last three years now it’s been one niggle after another... so Bernie (Brumbies coach Stephen Larkham) gave me a great opportunity to have a real proper rest,” he said.

With injuries to Jesse Mogg during the 2015 season, Coleman played most of the year on a sore ankle and is relishing the chance to start fully fit.

“Throughout the year with Jesse being injured as well, I didn’t have the chance to get it (surgery) done but that probably surfaced around round two and had to put up with it and play with it for the rest of the year,” he said.

“It was a massive relief to get that done and...I kind of forgot how good it felt to run with two proper working ankles.

“Every game was pretty painful.

“(We were) doing everything we could but it was just a matter of pushing through.”

A refreshed Coleman was joined by former Australian sevens player Michael Wells on the first day of full pre-season training at the Brumbies.

Wells opted to take up a Super Rugby contract over taking a shot at the Olympics with the Sevens team, jumping at what he felt could be his only chance at a Super shot.

Over in Perth, the Western Force welcomed new recruit Tom Sexton this week, with the Irishman committed to sticking it out in Australia long-term.