Super Rugby Aotearoa
Highlanders vs Chiefs

  • Time Sat, 10/04/2021, 07:05 am
  • Location Forsyth Barr Stadium
  • Referee Ben O'keeffe
19Defenders Beaten12
8Clean Breaks6
13Turnovers Conceded6
12Missed Tackles19
3Turnovers Won10
33Kicks in Play35
2/4Penalty Goals4/7
0/1Drop Goals0/1
72Rucks Won71
6Rucks Lost4
92%Rucks Success Rate94%
5Mauls Won0
Set Plays
16Lineouts Won9
1Lineouts Lost4
94%Lineouts Success Rate69%
4Scrums Won7
0Scrums Lost0
100%Scrums Success Rate100%
11Penalties Conceded12
0Red Cards0
0Yellow Cards0
  • Ioane69
  • Smith41
  • Lentjes9
  • Ta'avao60
  • Nanai-Seturo4
  • Ioane70
  • McKenzie61
  • McKenzie6
  • Ioane76
  • Hunt54
Penalty Goals
  • McKenzie85
  • McKenzie56
  • McKenzie45
  • McKenzie40




Ethan De Groot1Ethan De Groot
Aidan Ross1Aidan Ross
Ash Dixon2Ash Dixon
Samisoni Taukei'aho2Samisoni Taukei'aho
Josh Hohneck3Josh Hohneck
Angus Ta'avao3Angus Ta'avao
Bryn Evans4Bryn Evans
Tupou Vaa'i4Tupou Vaa'i
Pari Pari Parkinson5Pari Pari Parkinson
Naitoa Ah Kuoi5Naitoa Ah Kuoi
Shannon Frizell6Shannon Frizell
Mitchell Brown6Mitchell Brown
James Lentjes7James Lentjes
Kaylum Boshier7Kaylum Boshier
Kazuki Himeno8Kazuki Himeno
Luke Jacobson8Luke Jacobson
Aaron Smith9Aaron Smith
Brad Weber9Brad Weber
Mitch Hunt10Mitch Hunt
Kaleb Trask10Kaleb Trask
Jona Nareki11Jona Nareki
Etene Nanai-Seturo11Etene Nanai-Seturo
Scott Gregory12Scott Gregory
Quinn Tupaea12Quinn Tupaea
Sio Tomkinson13Sio Tomkinson
Anton Lienert-Brown13Anton Lienert-Brown
Ngatungane Punivai14Ngatungane Punivai
Jonah Lowe14Jonah Lowe
Connor Garden-Bachop15Connor Garden-Bachop
Damian McKenzie15Damian McKenzie
Liam Coltman16Liam Coltman
Bradley Slater16Bradley Slater
Ayden Johnstone17Ayden Johnstone
Oliver Norris17Oliver Norris
Siate Tokolahi18Siate Tokolahi
Joe Apikotoa18Joe Apikotoa
Josh Dickson19Josh Dickson
Samipeni Finau19Samipeni Finau
Billy Harmon20Billy Harmon
Pita-Gus Sowakula20Pita-Gus Sowakula
Kayne Hammington21Kayne Hammington
Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi21Te Toiroa Tahuriorangi
Josh Ioane22Josh Ioane
Alex Nankivell22Alex Nankivell
Hugh Renton23Hugh Renton
Shaun Stevenson23Shaun Stevenson
Aaron Mauger
Warren Gatland
85Penalty Goal - KickedThe touch judges raise their flags as Damian McKenzie kicks the penalty goal.
83Drop Goal - Missed RightJosh Ioane looks to land a drop goal but it misses, sailing past the right handside of the posts.
82Player Good TacklesMitchell Brown has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
80Player Good TacklesShannon Frizell has made 10 good tackles so far this game.
80+2End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
80+1Penalty Goal - Missed LeftThe touch judges have waved away the attempt by Damian McKenzie as he hooks it left.
78Drop Goal - Missed RightChiefs have a drop goal attempt, but its pushed to the right.
76Penalty Goal - KickedJosh Ioane adds the points for Highlanders.
75Team Rucks WonHighlanders have won 60 rucks so far this game.
70Substitution onSamipeni Finau comes on.
70Substitution offTupou Vaa'i comes off.
70Substitution onBradley Slater comes on.
70Substitution offSamisoni Taukei'aho comes off.
70Conversion - KickedJosh Ioane makes no mistake with that conversion attempt.
69Clean BreakThis is dangerous for the defence as Josh Ioane bursts through to advance the Highlanders attack.
69Try AssistAaron Smith sets up the try.
69Try - Passing MoveSilky skills by Highlanders ends with a try for Josh Ioane.
66Substitution onTe Toiroa Tahuriorangi comes on.
66Substitution offBrad Weber comes off.
62Substitution onHighlanders decide to make a substitution, with Hugh Renton getting some game time.
62Substitution offHighlanders decide to make a substitution, with Kazuki Himeno being replaced.
62Team Rucks WonChiefs have won 60 rucks so far this game.
62Substitution onChiefs make a substitution with Joe Apikotoa coming on.
62Substitution offChiefs make a substitution with Angus Ta'avao coming off.
61Conversion - KickedDamian McKenzie converts the try.
60Try AssistSpellbinding play by Damian McKenzie is finished off with a try.
60Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and Angus Ta'avao took full advantage.
60Try - Passing MoveA wonderful passing move by Chiefs is finished off by Angus Ta'avao.
59Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Anton Lienert-Brown goes through the gap.
58Substitution onChiefs sub Oliver Norris comes onto the field.
58Substitution offAidan Ross departs for Chiefs.
58Clean BreakWhat a run here by Scott Gregory as they gets over the gainline!.
57Substitution onLiam Coltman comes on for Highlanders.
57Substitution offAsh Dixon leaves the field.
57Substitution onPita-Gus Sowakula comes on.
57Substitution offKaylum Boshier comes off.
56Penalty Goal - KickedDamian McKenzie does the business as his penalty goal attempt goes over.
54Substitution onJosh Ioane comes on.
54Substitution offSio Tomkinson comes off.
54Substitution onBilly Harmon comes on.
54Substitution offJames Lentjes comes off.
54Penalty Goal - KickedMitch Hunt makes no mistake with that penalty goal attempt.
48Clean BreakBrad Weber makes the break as the defence re-enacts the parting of the red sea.
46Team Rucks WonChiefs have won 40 rucks so far this game.
46Substitution onChiefs decide to make a substitution, with Shaun Stevenson getting some game time.
46Substitution offChiefs decide to make a substitution, with Kaleb Trask being replaced.
45Penalty Goal - KickedDamian McKenzie kicks the penalty.
43Conversion - Missed LeftMitch Hunt has hooked the conversion to the left of the posts.
41Clean BreakFabulous play by Highlanders has led to Shannon Frizell being able to wriggle through a gap.
41Try AssistShannon Frizell played a key part in that try.
41Try - Passing MoveA series of passes by Highlanders results in a try for Aaron Smith.
40Substitution onHighlanders make a substitution with Josh Dickson coming on.
40Substitution offHighlanders make a substitution with Pari Pari Parkinson coming off.
40Substitution onHighlanders sub Siate Tokolahi comes onto the field.
40Substitution onAyden Johnstone comes on for Highlanders.
40Substitution offJosh Hohneck departs for Highlanders.
40Substitution offEthan De Groot leaves the field.
40Team Rucks WonHighlanders have won 40 rucks so far this game.
40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
40Substitution onAlex Nankivell comes on.
40Substitution offQuinn Tupaea comes off.
40End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
40Penalty Goal - KickedDamian McKenzie has kicked a penalty goal.
36Clean BreakTrouble here as Mitchell Brown breaches the defence.
35Penalty Goal - Missed RightDamian McKenzie has penalty kick attempt at goal but pushes it to the right hand side of the posts.
33Clean BreakThis is dangerous for the defence as Damian McKenzie bursts through to advance the Chiefs attack.
33Penalty Goal - Missed RightDamian McKenzie takes the penalty but the ball didn't come round, staying right of the posts.
26Clean BreakA gap opened in the defence and James Lentjes took full advantage.
24Team Rucks WonHighlanders have won 20 rucks so far this game.
22Clean BreakThe defensive line has been broken as Aaron Smith goes through the gap.
21Penalty Goal - Missed RightMitch Hunt steps up to take the penalty but pulls it wide and to the right.
19Team Rucks WonChiefs have won 20 rucks so far this game.
10Conversion - Missed RightMitch Hunt has hooked the conversion to the right of the posts.
9Try AssistThat's a great try assist by Bryn Evans.
9Try - Individual effortA stunning solo try from James Lentjes.
6Conversion - KickedDamian McKenzie has kicked a conversion.
4Try AssistBrad Weber sets up the try.
4Try - Passing MoveGreat hands by Chiefs leads to a try for Etene Nanai-Seturo.
2Penalty Goal - Missed LeftMitch Hunt steps up to take the penalty but pulls it wide and to the left.
0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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