Super W
Queensland Reds Women vs Brumbies Women

Queensland Reds Women
Brumbies Women
  • Time Sat, 16/03/2019, 07:00 am
  • Location Ballymore Stadium
Queensland Reds Women
Queensland Reds Women
Brumbies Women
Brumbies Women
  • Smith66
  • Smith22
    • Gould24
      Queensland Reds Women
      Queensland Reds Women
      Brumbies Women
      Brumbies Women
      27Defenders Beaten21
      10Clean Breaks7
      14Turnovers Conceded22
      21Missed Tackles27
      7Turnovers Won4
      15Kicks in Play23
      N/APenalty GoalsN/A
      N/ADrop GoalsN/A
      56Rucks Won91
      3Rucks Lost5
      94%Rucks Success Rate94%
      1Mauls Won0
      Set Plays
      8Lineouts Won10
      4Lineouts Lost2
      66%Lineouts Success Rate83%
      12Scrums Won12
      0Scrums Lost0
      100%Scrums Success Rate100%
      14Penalties Conceded11
      0Red Cards0
      0Yellow Cards0
      Queensland Reds Women
      Queensland Reds Women
      Brumbies Women
      Brumbies Women
      Ana Fotu1Ana Fotu
      Violeta Tupuola1Violeta Tupuola
      Ivy Kaleta2Ivy Kaleta
      Louise Burrows2Louise Burrows
      Hana Ngaha3Hana Ngaha
      Peta Cox3Peta Cox
      Alisha Hewett4Alisha Hewett
      Emily Sogal4Emily Sogal
      Saxon Campbell5Saxon Campbell
      Shellie Milward5Shellie Milward
      Millie Boyle6Millie Boyle
      Michaela Leonard6Michaela Leonard
      Shannon Mato7Shannon Mato
      Georgia O'Neill7Georgia O'Neill
      Kiri Lingman8Kiri Lingman
      Tayla Stanford8Tayla Stanford
      Cobie-Jane Morgan9Cobie-Jane Morgan
      Remi Wilton9Remi Wilton
      Lavinia Gould10Lavinia Gould
      Carly Hill10Carly Hill
      Alana Elisaia11Alana Elisaia
      Darcy Read11Darcy Read
      Amy Turner12Amy Turner
      Sammi Wood12Sammi Wood
      Cecilia Smith13Cecilia Smith
      Michelle Perry13Michelle Perry
      Emily Bass14Emily Bass
      Brooke Gilroy14Brooke Gilroy
      Georgina Friedrichs15Georgina Friedrichs
      Rachel Crothers15Rachel Crothers
      Averyl Mitchell16Averyl Mitchell
      Anna Korovata16Anna Korovata
      Toa Filimoehala17Toa Filimoehala
      Stefanie Stewart-Jones17Stefanie Stewart-Jones
      Maryanne Fuimaono18Maryanne Fuimaono
      Harriet Elleman18Harriet Elleman
      Tessa Vaoga19Tessa Vaoga
      Sammy Maxwell19Sammy Maxwell
      Vetekina Aho-Fangaloka20Vetekina Aho-Fangaloka
      Sharyn Laws20Sharyn Laws
      Asaka Ono21Asaka Ono
      Jane Garraway21Jane Garraway
      Eseta Aho-Fangaloka22Eseta Aho-Fangaloka
      Emily McDonald22Emily McDonald
      Ivania Wong23Ivania Wong
      Biola Dawa23Biola Dawa
      Adam Butt
      80+2End Of Second HalfIt's all over! The referee has blown his whistle to end the game.
      71Substitution onSammy Maxwell comes on for Brumbies Women.
      71Substitution offGeorgia O'Neill leaves the field.
      71Substitution onBiola Dawa comes on.
      71Substitution offDarcy Read comes off.
      71Substitution onHarriet Elleman comes on.
      71Substitution offTayla Stanford comes off.
      69Substitution onSharyn Laws comes on.
      69Substitution offShellie Milward comes off.
      69Substitution onBrumbies Women decide to make a substitution, with Jane Garraway getting some game time.
      69Substitution offBrumbies Women decide to make a substitution, with Remi Wilton being replaced.
      69Substitution onBrumbies Women make a substitution with Anna Korovata coming on.
      69Substitution offBrumbies Women make a substitution with Peta Cox coming off.
      67Conversion - MissedConversion attempt from Lavinia Gould has the distance but not the direction.
      66TryCecilia Smith scores a try for Queensland Women.
      64Substitution onBrumbies Women sub Emily McDonald comes onto the field.
      64Substitution offSammi Wood departs for Brumbies Women.
      64Substitution onAsaka Ono comes on for Queensland Women.
      64Substitution offCobie-Jane Morgan leaves the field.
      61Substitution onTessa Vaoga comes on.
      61Substitution offSaxon Campbell comes off.
      61Substitution onIvania Wong comes on.
      61Substitution offEmily Bass comes off.
      61Substitution onAveryl Mitchell comes on.
      61Substitution offIvy Kaleta comes off.
      58Substitution onBrumbies Women decide to make a substitution, with Stefanie Stewart-Jones getting some game time.
      58Substitution offBrumbies Women decide to make a substitution, with Violeta Tupuola being replaced.
      52Substitution onQueensland Women make a substitution with Toa Filimoehala coming on.
      52Substitution offQueensland Women make a substitution with Ana Fotu coming off.
      49Substitution onQueensland Women sub Vetekina Aho-Fangaloka comes onto the field.
      49Substitution offAlisha Hewett departs for Queensland Women.
      49Substitution onEseta Aho-Fangaloka comes on for Queensland Women.
      49Substitution offAmy Turner leaves the field.
      45Substitution onMaryanne Fuimaono comes on.
      45Substitution offHana Ngaha comes off.
      40Start Of Second HalfThe second half is underway.
      40End Of First HalfThe half-time whistle blows and both teams’ head for the dressing rooms.
      24Conversion - KickedLavinia Gould has kicked a conversion.
      22TryCecilia Smith scores a try for Queensland Women.
      0Start Of First HalfWe are underway as the referee blows his whistle. Logo

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